New Hanover County and Wilmington water bill assistance.

Customers and residents of New Hanover County North Carolina may be able to get assistance with their water bills. There are non-profits and other agencies that may assist, or customers can look into payment extensions. While the program has been discontinued, the main resource that was available in the past was the Help 2 Others Program, however some payment plans or extensions may be offered as well. These options are really only for people facing an extreme emergency or hardship that was not caused by them.

The Help 2 Others Program did rely on donations from the community so funding is very limited, to say the least. New Hanover County is aware that sometimes people may be facing a short term hardship. There may be families in Wilmington or nearby cities that are facing some type of financial hardship or crisis. When this occurs, and if the individual meets application conditions, the New Hanover County Help 2 Others Program may be able to assist.

This is a water bill assistance program for residents of New Hanover County and it relies on contributions from the community. As funding allows, it offers emergency financial assistance to income qualified citizens who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Examples can include unexpected unemployment, a sudden illness, death in the family, or an emergency or personal crisis. There may be some other situations as well in which the H2O program can help.

Currently, it is funded by corporate donations, local citizens, and also non-profit agency donations. Anyone can contribute and if they do, their donations will be tax deductible. All money will go towards helping the less fortunate as well and not to paying administrative costs.

Hundreds of local households face a shut off every year, and it is a real dilemma to them. People just can’t live without water, so these households do need help. If you make a donation to New Hanover County's Help2Others program (no matter how large or small it is), you will make a real difference in someone‘s life. Your generosity will be helping neighbors who are in crisis and unable to pay their water bill on time.

Any contribution made to the program stay in the local community, so you may in fact be helping someone in your town or even on your street. All contributions made are collected directly by New Hanover County. There are no administrative fees and all donations go directly to those qualified families without water.




Several local non-profit agencies in the county administer it along with New Hanover County government. They can provide information and help people apply. Or on occasion a local non-profit may have other financial aid for paying water bills.

On occasion, the county may work with qualified households to offer other solutions. This can include payment plans or extensions. So people who are struggling or facing a crisis do have options available to them.

One of the keys is communication. You want to reach out to the county as soon as possible, even before you miss a payment on your water account. Customer service representatives may be able to advise customers on any solutions that may be available to them. To learn more on H2O or any other assistance programs, call them below. Or please donate if you can.

For customers that need help with water bills, such as payment plans, they should call the Customer Service department at 910-322-6550. This needs to be done early, before the service has been shut off.

For further information regarding any donation programs or to apply for help for non-profits in the Wilmington area, contact the United Way at 888-892-1162. Or inquire at a local non-profit, such as a community action agency.




By Jon McNamara

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