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Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development programs.

The Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development is involved in directing low income families to both state of North Carolina as well as federal government programs. Some of the resources they provide include applications to Section 8 as well as educational support for children, which is Head Start. They offer services in the counties of Edgecombe, Nash, and Wilson.

Very low income families can look into Section HUD vouchers. This is just one of several types of federal government funded rental housing assistance programs. This particular one is administered locally through the NEED office.

HUD approved Section 8 creates affordable housing choices and gives families in Wilson, Nash and Edgecombe Counties the opportunity to choose suitable housing that fits their need. The homes are privately owned, and they may include townhouses, single-family homes and apartments that meet HUD requirements. Note that there are restrictions, and for a dwelling to be accepted as part of the Section 8 program, the landlord or apartment manager must agree to participate.

Also, the unit must meet the program requirements, including following safety and health standards as set by Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development. Another item to note is that Section 8 rental units cannot be included in government subsidized housing, however it can apply to a home or apartment in which you are already living.

For tenants in counties such as Wilson or Nash, NEED will determine eligibility according to household annual gross income and family size. Any type of rental assistance is limited to US citizens and some categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

The program is very limited in size. Due to this, those who are found to be eligible are placed on a waiting list managed by NEED. They will be notified as soon as funding is available. Once everything is in place, then the federal government pays the landlord a subsidy, or a certain portion of the rent, on behalf of the tenant. The family that is enrolled will still be responsible for the remainder. The subsidy is sent directly to the landlord on the tenants’ behalf.




NEED’s Family Development services are focused on eliminating poverty as well as homeless. The staff are involved in helping individuals work toward becoming self-sufficient. A key step is to help adult family members gain a greater level of employability, which involves learning basic skills or gaining skills. These will help prepare them for being hired and staying employed.

To accomplish this goal, the community action agency will provide appropriate educational programming, training, job search, and job placement services. Beyond that, NEED staff members are available to help clients learn to think for themselves as well as handle their financial matters more intelligently.

Most supportive services are available directly from Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development, including child care vouchers, transportation in Nash or Wilson County, workshops on family development-related topics, and access to low income housing. The advice given out will also encourage clients to make progress in their efforts toward self-sufficiency.

The community action agency will also partner with other community organizations to ensure that clients are provided with the most comprehensive set of services available, whether it is food or information on government grants. To benefit from the Family Development service, families must meet the income guidelines set by the Office of Management and Budget. They also need to be facing a financial hardship.

Head Start is a child education service. The goal is to ensure that children of low-income and/or homeless families are fully prepared to start public school in the service area of North Carolina. The program provides children under the age of 6 with a quality pre-school education that meets nationally recognized standards.

NEED will ensure that educational and recreational activities are addressed. These will promote healthy mental, emotional, social, and physical growth and development. The student can also receive free healthy, healthy nutritious meals and snacks.





The Head Start staff consists of loving, nurturing volunteers as well as teachers from counties such as Nash and Wilson. They also encourage long term parental support services. They will bring to the Head start service family advocates when needed, and they will work closely with parents and help them locate needed community resources. When children make the transition from Head Start into the North Carolina public schools, they are more likely to be successful.

Application to food stamps and other United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) benefits are offered too. The Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development administered resources also help to promote the importance of a healthy diet for low income families as well as children.

There are pantries and soup kitchens that Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development programs has information on, and this is combined with the SNAP food stamp program. Clients may be given free breakfast, bags of groceries, lunch, and a snack each day. All menus are carefully planned and reviewed. The community action agency and their partners also work diligently with the client to meet any special diet considerations.

The Nash-Edgecombe Economic Development is located at 200 North Church St., Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 27804. The agency can be reached at 252-442-8081.



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