Mount Vernon and Knox County Ohio free fans.

Seniors over 60 years of age, or people with a serious medical condition, may be able to receive a free fan or air conditioner from non-profits in Mount Vernon and Knox County Ohio. A number of local agencies have been trying over the years to assist at risk residents in battling the heat and humidity that can occur in Ohio.

The leading organization to call is The Station Break, however there are other agencies as noted below. They may be able to offer help for seniors who are age 60 or over, including fans and air conditioners. The non-profit is mostly funded by donations, and more items are always being received. All donations are provided directly to residents who can show a need. Those with the greatest need and who are at risk can get fans or air conditioners for free.

Most of the items provided are one-room air conditioners or window units. They are not central home cooling systems. So the units are not designed to cool an entire house. Proof of the hardship may be required in certain cases. For example, a doctor’s statement is required in order to receive an air conditioner. Most doctors can give these notes to seniors or those with a medical condition fairly easily. However that same note is not necessary to receive a fan from The Station Break in Mount Vernon Ohio.

Additional qualifications are in place too. Families can’t receive an air conditioner if they already have a unit. Multiple fans and AC units will not be provided.

The Station Break can be contacted at 397-3841. Area seniors or people who are at risk and have a need for a fan or an air conditioner can stop by as well. Even if they do not have a fan or air conditioner for you, they may have referrals or other suggestions. Once a doctor’s statement is obtained by the agency and eligibility determined, a Station Break representative (many of which are volunteers) will call to set up an appointment for you. The non-profit will both deliver and install an air conditioner to your home. Working with the deliveries and installation of units is fairly straightforward.





While funds and donations are limited, items are generally available for those area seniors who have a need to stay cool during the summer.

The Mount Vernon Fire Department as well as Interchurch Social Services have also joined forces for many years in providing free fans and/or air conditioners for area residents. The fire department is the leading organization that collects donations, fans and other items from the community and then delivers these items to Interchurch and The Station Break. While anybody can come in and sign up for a free fan to use during the summer, they do give priority to those with small children in the home, those over age 60, and those who have a health problem or medical condition.

Once fans arrive at Mount Vernon Fire Department, Interchurch Social Services, or the Station Break, phone calls are made to those on the various waiting lists. The fans can then be picked up, or the air conditioners delivered directly to your residence. While no one knows how hot the summer will be in Knox County, the various agencies keep plugging away in trying to assist those in need the best they can.




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