Help with basic needs from Mount Carmel Guild.

A leading non-profit in the Trenton New Jersey region is Mount Carmel Guild. The organization, it staff, and volunteers provide various forms of assistance to thousands of low income families per year. Too many people from Mercer County are struggling with reduced incomes and the high cost of living in the state. When facing a crisis, the Guild may be able to offer short term assistance.

Seniors and the homebound that received Medicare, but whose benefits are used up, may be able to get assistance from Home Health Nursing. It is for those clients with no other options available to them for their medical care.

Clients of the service are usually people with geriatric diseases such as neuromuscular disorders, diabetes, hypertension, lung and heart disease, stroke, cancer, or arthritis. Many of the older clients are ambulatory with canes, wheelchairs or maybe walkers. So the Home Health Nursing from Mount Carmel Guild will allow the patient to stay in their home for their care. As all visits are made to the clients residence.

The major benefit of this is that it will help economically disadvantaged or needy senior citizens of Mercer County New Jersey in that they may not be need to go through placement into an institutional setting. In order to make that happen, nurses provide more services to qualified patients than just skilled medical care.

As an example, seniors can also get referrals to other services such as free transportation to and from medical appointments, Meals on Wheels, and full time home health assistance. They also receive companionship and a recurring visitor. Or nurses may provide information on agency on aging centers that are located in Mercer County for congregate meals.

The Emergency Assistance Program from Mount Carmel Guild provides food, medications, very limited funds for paying utility bills or rent, and more. Another focus is on helping families with children around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. Clients can also get referrals to other Trenton area resources, such as shelters, low income housing, and more.

The center also partners with other social service agencies in Mercer County. In fact, the demand for help continues to increase year in and year out, and many people may not qualify. But other options may be provided to clients.




A number of households benefit from the assistance offered by the Guild. Most of it is for basic needs, such as food, meals, and housing. There is support for the jobless and single moms trying to make ends meet, among others. They help the disabled, seniors, and others living on a fixed income, as resources allow. In some cases, the client is even homeless and they need shelter or maybe funds for a security deposit.

Staff and volunteers from Mount Carmel Guild review the needs of the entire family to try to fulfill as many requests as possible. So to this end, the Emergency Assistance program may be able to provide direct and immediate relief and support to individuals and families in both chronic and temporary crisis. Some of the social services and aid offered is as follows.

  • Utility bill help to prevent a disconnection.
  • A few days’ worth of groceries, free food, perishable items, formula for infants and non-perishable food.
  • Help with medications to people with no prescription coverage.
  • Basic staples for infants, newborns, and their moms. This can include free diapers, formula, and baby food.
  • The Mount Carmel Guild may also have personal hygiene and grooming items, clothing or basic household items.




Holiday assistance is wide ranging, and there are a few main components as noted below. This depends heavily on donations from the larger community.

  • Easter baskets may be provided during the spring months. They are mostly for clients with children under the age of 18.
  • Thanksgiving food, meals, and the toppings are available. In the few days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, the non-profit may provide turkeys complete with all the trimmings to clients referred by other churches or agencies.
  • Free Christmas meals and toys. These are mostly for children, but the elderly may benefit from home delivered meals as well.

For more information, the address is 73 North Clinton Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey 08609. Dial (609) 392-3402.




By Jon McNamara

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