Mobile Gas assistance programs.

If you are facing a hardship or struggling with paying your bills, call Mobile Gas. The company offers qualified low income customers several different resources in an effort to help them through those difficult times. Assistance provided ranges from payments programs, referrals to non-profits, government assistance such as LIHEAP, and much more. Customers need to call right away, before they miss any payments. If you wait and don’t request assistance, then the company is limited in what they can offer you.

Project SHARE is available across Alabama, and Mobile Gas customers may be able to enroll into this program as well. The American Red Cross typically takes a leading role in administering this financial assistance program. It provides elderly and disabled customers with emergency energy bill assistance and cash grants. Most of the funds are paid out during the winter or summer months. Thousands of households across the state will normally benefit from the Project SHARE program. This includes a number of Mobile Gas customers as well. In order to apply or learn more, call or stop by the American Red Cross office in your county.

Special payment arrangements and plans may be created by Mobile Gas. Each and every year thousands of households across Alabama, and many people that use Mobile Gas, struggle to pay their utility bills and many of them face disconnection of their service. If there is ever a time in which you are struggling or will fall behind on your account, you need to call to explore your options and request help. Mobile Gas will try to work with you in an effort to make special arrangements on your account. Customer service representatives can help you establish some form of payment plan that is based on your circumstances and hardship. Once again, it is key to call early and not wait until you are faced with a disconnection. If you wait, then the type of assistance that can be provided to you or your family will be limited.

The company also works closely with, and has referrals to, local non-profits and charity organizations. Mobile Gas has on file an extensive list of financial assistance and grant programs that are offered by non-profit and charity organizations. These companies offer consumers help with paying their energy bills. If and when a customer needs some short term financial assistance with paying their natural gas or electric bills, Mobile Gas may be able to refer a qualified low income customer to a non-profit organizations that operates in their service territory.




Mobile Gas also has information on local community action agencies. These are the main places to contact in an effort to enroll into government grant and assistance programs. Very low income households may be able to enroll into the LIHEAP, or low income home energy assistance program. Another one of the leading resources available is weatherization, and this will help Mobile Gas customers save money on their bills from free conservation measures.

Some households may have their monthly service charge waived. This is generally an option for those customers who currently receive some type of government aid. This can include Supplemental Security Income, Aid to Dependent Children, disability payments, or similar public aid. If you qualify, you may be able to have the customer charge waived from your monthly gas bill.

There are some other restriction and conditions that need to be met. A state of Alabama agency or government entity will need to verify you as ADC or SSI recipient. This is a key requirement in order to receive financial help as part of this assistance program. In addition, in order to learn more or to receive the waiver of your monthly customer charge, you will need to stop by at and apply at any of the Mobile Gas offices.

To learn more or enroll into any of these plans, call Mobile Gas at 251.476.8052.




By Jon McNamara

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