Missouri Gas Energy financial assistance programs.

If you need help with paying your heating or natural gas bills, or expect to struggle in the future, Missouri Gas Energy may have resources for you. They partner with local non-profits, government agencies, and oversee their own emergency assistance and disconnection prevention programs.

LIHEAP can help individuals who receive energy from Missouri Gas Energy pay their bills. Most of the grants are paid out from this federal government sponsored low income program during the winter, and funds are used to pay heating bills and prevent disconnection. The application period commences in October for seniors, elderly and disabled households. All other households can start to apply in November. Call your local community action agency or social service office to apply for LIHEAP.

The United Way partners with many local charities, non-profits, and churches in Missouri. Some of the agencies the United Way may even help fund. If you need help with paying any type of bill, call for confidential and free advice or referrals. They can be reached at (800) 427-4626.

Missouri Gas Energy payment plans

The energy provider wants all customers to be safe and warm throughout the cold months in the region. They will do what they can to work with individuals in the region. If you are struggling, or behind in paying your natural gas bills, call the company right away to discuss options. Dial (816) 756-5252 in Kansas City, or toll free at (800) 582-1234.

Some of the assistance programs offered include budgeting, energy bill and crisis assistance, and other payment options. A customer service representative will review your account and situation and see if you qualify for any programs.

The state of Missouri Cold Weather Rule is another possibility for MGE customer. It is in effect from November 1 to March 31. Customers with delinquent accounts or who are behind on paying their bills may be able avoid service disconnections or a shut off. The Cold Weather Rule can also help a customer get their service restored.





The first thing you need to do is call Missouri Gas Energy at 1-800-582-1234. Ask for a payment plan, but specifically reference the state of Missouri Cold Weather Program. The representative will gather required information about your account, income, household members, and financial condition. An applicant will need to make an initial minimum payment towards a balance on their MGE bill.

When you sign up for the Cold Weather Rule, each month an individual will receive a bill for the amount that is agreed upon in your payment plan. When you pay this agreed upon amount on your bill, the company will enable you to pay your past, current and projected gas use over the next 11 months, so the bills and outstanding debts are paid over time.

The Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement will take into account a customer's current payment due, any past arrearages, and also projected bills over the next 12 months. It is important to note that if you miss just one payment on your natural gas bills under the plan, the customer will then need to pay the amount that is equivalent to the total of missed payments to remain on the plan. If you still do not make that payment, then your service may be disconnected.

If you enroll into some form of payment plan, or the Cold Weather Rule, it is recommended that you continue to look into additional financial assistance or weatherization program that may be offered by any other Federal, local, state government or other funding programs.

For example, as indicated above, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is administered by your local community action agency. Weatherization can help Missouri Gas Energy customers save money by installing free upgrades to their homes. LIHEAP – crisis can provide aid if you are out of heating fuel or are faced with imminent disconnection. Dial MGE at 1-800-582-1234.





Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a donation program that provides people the ability to help their neighbors in times of need. Customers can donate money, and all funds go towards helping the less fortunate. People can contribute as little as $1 or more when you pay your utility bill each month. Individuals can also make a one-time donation. All contributions are tax deductible, and funds go towards helping individuals pay their bills in times of need.

That's what Neighbors Helping Neighbors is all about. Thanks to donations from customers, employees and businesses, customers who need assistance paying bills or meeting other emergencies have gotten the help they needed.

The program is administered by the Mid-America Assistance Coalition, and Missouri Gas Energy customers can apply. Many businesses, charities, and individuals contribute, and MGE will even match the various funds that are donated.

While income and hardship criteria need to be met, financial assistance is provided to people when they have nowhere else to turn for help.



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