Chase housing center in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dozens of mortgage assistance centers have been opened by Chase across the country. One of the locations is in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Homeowners can stop by the location for free information on mortgage programs and foreclosure prevention.

The lender provides several different resources, including loan modifications, repayment plans, and a program that is specifically targeted at unemployed homeowners in Milwaukee Wisconsin. JP Morgan Chase is offering all of these services in an effort to help struggling homeowners.

The center is able to offer borrowers who took out a loan from Chase or EMC, and who are currently struggling to pay their mortgage, a multitude of options. Gain access to resources to help you avoid foreclosure and that can help you keep your home. Trained advisors are on hand to help distressed homeowners evaluate their finances and housing situation, and all services and advice are offered free of charge. If you meet with a specialist, you will be provided one on one services, and all advice is kept confidential as well.

Chase decided to open the community wide Homeownership Centers so that borrowers can sit down with a specialist and discuss their situation face-to-face. This ensure that communication is open and direct, and also helps speed up the process and ensure the client gets help in a timely manner.

Programs and the centers are managed by the Homeownership Preservation Office at Chase, and in total hundreds of thousands of people across the nation have received mortgage help from JP Morgan Chase since 2009. Hundreds of thousands of people have had a foreclosure filing diverted.

In total the banks has written over 1.1 million mortgage modifications. The terms of these primarily reduced interest rates, extending the term of the existing loan and/or also provided principal deferral. So modifications can even provide all three of these. So in effect the homeowner may have more time to repay their home loan, or the reduction in interest rates and principal may be able to help them save thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage.





Millions of homeowners have experienced some type of financial hardship as the result of the weak economy or a medical emergency. If you are one of those who has experienced a temporary reduction in your households income or have experienced a financial hardship, the repayment plan allows your more time to get back on track. You will need to pay any delinquency over a period of time.

Contact for the Milwaukee Center

With thousands of local families facing foreclosure and the lose of their home, the services offered are in high demand. It is recommended that you call for an appointment beforehand. The Chase Homeownership Center, is located at 14900 West Capitol Drive in Milwaukee, and the phone number is 262-790-1456.


By Jon McNamara

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