Milwaukee Rescue Mission low income programs and services.

Working to help the less fortunate, poor, and homeless is the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. The non-profit charity organization offers resources for those that truly need help. Programs are available for the poor, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and others.

The organization will first try to address basic needs, such as offer a meal and shelter. The Milwaukee Rescue Mission will then try to address other needs, such as help the guest of the center find a job, enroll into training or increase their educational levels. Thousands of meals, articles of clothing, and personal goods are passed out each year.

The last step will be exploring more longer term permanent housing in the Milwaukee County region, and this can include financial aid to pay for moving costs, deposits, and maybe first months rent. The charity will offer both short and long term assistance, counseling, education, assistance in overcoming substance abuse, and job training and much more. The main center is at 830 N 19th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233. Call (414) 344-2211.

Women can benefit from a program known as New Life. Social workers will empower them with skills and experience needed for self-sufficiency and help them acquire the experience they need for stability. Some of what may be offered by Joy House or New Life includes case management, job search, adult education classes, credit repair, and overall financial management.

Fresh Start is the Rescue Mission transitional housing and living program. It gives women the training and support they need to ensure long-term success. Fresh Start offers them the kind of practical education and tools they need to move forward. The program and its support lasts for up to one year for those that qualify, so this is a slightly longer term solution.

Milwaukee families, including children, can also enroll into Rescue Mission sponsored programs. This strengthens families through offering education and resources to help them become stable emotionally, physically and spiritually. It coordinates some of the following.

  • Free meals, food baskets and nutritious counseling.
  • Basic needs such as clothing, winter coats, household goods, and personal hygiene items.
  • School supplies for children. This will also be backpacks as well as after-school tutoring.
  • Free guidance, advice, and legal support in employment, finances, housing, and other civil legal matters.




Guest Ministries is a Rescue Mission service for men in Milwaukee. Social workers will help them overcome short-term emergency issues while offering shelter and housing. Assistance will include free meals, clothing, information on government financial benefits, counseling, education and job search tools.

New Journey is for those with an addiction. Participants of this Rescue Mission program who are willing to commit to the hard work of healing and discipleship will realize change in their lives. This will be GED preparation and testing, educational support and financial/legal guidance, computer based programs, job training and more. They can also get assistance in finding and securing employment as well as low income housing in Milwaukee. This then also leads to more longer term support such as a resource known as Focus.

The bottom line is that the Rescue Mission in Milwaukee Wisconsin is focused on helping those that are struggling. The charity houses them, but more importantly will try to address the root cause and put clients on the path to self-sufficiency. To this end, shelter, transitional housing, food, and job training are but some of the services. Resources are for women, children, veterans, the elderly, and a diverse set of residents from the county.




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