Lubbock energy bill assistance.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs will normally provide the city and county of Lubbock with funding to be used to help residents pay their utility and energy bills. Most of the grants are part of the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). While funding can change from year to year, in almost all cases money will be provided to the city and county.

It is also a seasonal program as well. While in general more money is provided during the fall or winter for heating bills, there may also be a summer component. So this means that your air conditioning bills can be paid from this grant program. Or if you are a senior and/or have a medical condition, then CEAP may even provide a free fan or box air conditioner. Qualified individuals will be served on a first come and served basis, so apply early.

The government grants are only for qualified low income families, with a focus on those who would be most at risk if their power were to be disconnected. So most of the funds will go to seniors and the disabled in Lubbock Texas. Priority is often given to the elderly, disabled, or households with children age five and younger.

Grants will assist low-income persons with paying utility and cooling bills. As funding allows, additional aid may be offered for minor repairs (or even replacement) of existing heating and cooling systems. If this is not possible, then government money may pay for the installation of portable cooling or heating units. The county also partners with some other local non-profit agencies and organizations as noted below. These agencies will accept and process the applications, provide intake and screenings, and in general administer the program across Lubbock County.





If you need financial assistance for paying natural gas, propane, gas or electric bills and if you are elderly (over the age of 60) then you will need to call Neighborhood House at 741-0459 for information or an application. If you are disabled, but under the age of 59, then you will need to contact LIFE/RUN Centers at 795-5433.  In addition, households in Lubbock Texas with a disabled child under the age of 18 should also call Neighborhood House for information on CEAP or other energy resources.

As indicated, there may be some assistance for repairing heating or cooling systems. If you or a family member is in need of help with repairing (or need to look into replacing) your existing heating/cooling system then dial 775-2296. Also call that number if you need information on obtaining a portable heating/cooling unit. Certain criteria must be met, including income limits and other conditions.

Not only can these organization offer CEAP, but many offer other forms of support as well. For example, they can provide referrals to housing or food assistance. Or some centers may be able to help you enter into payment plans with your utility company. Basically a range of services are offered for low income and struggling families.

The Household Crisis Program is also available to people facing disconnection or who may run out of fuel. Low-income households can look into that resource as well, which is part of CEAP. The phone number to dial is 741-0459, and Neighborhood House runs this service for the Lubbock region.

These different services are not government entitlement programs. Any type of funding provided by the city, or grants offered by the state of Texas, is limited, and the demand is high. The applicant will need to meet various requirements, including income and other conditions. Applicants must call an agency referenced above for screening and appointments.




By Jon McNamara

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