Louisiana health care programs for uninsured.

If you do not have health insurance then look into some or all of these Louisiana medical assistance programs. The state, working with the federal government and non-profit agencies, provides free or low cost resources to the needy, unemployed, low income, and children. While enrollment numbers will vary from year to year, generally tens of thousands of families benefit from these government and not-for-profit assistance programs.

Most of the aid is offered for those who meet low income standards and that have no other options available to them. So applicants can’t be eligible for programs such as Medicaid or Medicare and they can’t be qualified for low cost private health insurance plans. If you are uninsured, or your coverage does not meet your needs or pay all of your bills, then call around to learn more about these Louisiana programs.

Cenla Medication Access Program – CMAP is offered to low income and uninsured patients who have chronic medical care issues. The state will pay for them and also provide patients with access to appropriate prescription medications and education services. 888-443-7494

Children's Special Health Services is offered for teenagers, students, and children that have special healthcare needs. This can include those who are facing increased risk from a chronic developmental, physical, behavioral, or emotional condition. The applicant will also need health services of a type or amount beyond that required by the child. The non-profit program can help pay for medical tests/procedures, therapy, medical equipment/supplies, parent/family support services, nursing, medications, and other related bills. 504-568-5055

Developmental Disabilities Services is for those residents who have a disability. They need to be seeking some form of support from facilities that are associated with Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals. Eligible participants may be able to qualify for grants or cash subsidy programs which provide a monthly stipend to low income families. It is offered until the child reaches the age of 18. Call 866-783-5553.

The Early Childhood Supports and Services will administer evaluation, screening, referral services, and treatment for children ages 0-5 years and their families. Assistance is offered for children that have been identified as being at risk of developing emotional, social and/or developmental problems. A focus is on offering case management, therapy, counseling, and behavior modification. 225-342-8706




The Louisiana ADAP Aids Drug Assistance Program may have a waiting list and it also has limited funding. When available, it will provide HIV and AIDs patients with FDA approved drugs and medications. 800-992-4379

Health Insurance Program, or HIP, is non-profit and government sponsored financial assistance for HIV-infected residents. The objective is to help them maintain their existing health insurance plan and benefits. Funds can be used to pay for deductibles, health insurance premiums, and co-payments. It can also pay for dental work, medications, and more. All resources are for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Telephone number is 888-647-1269.

A similar option is HIV Direct Services. The program can improve the availability, quality and organization of health care. It also is coordinating other supportive services for low-income individuals with HIV and their immediate family members. Apply for emergency financial assistance, ambulatory/outpatient care, food banks, and nutritional services. 800-992-4379

HIV/AIDS patients can receive rent, housing, and other help from Housing Opportunities for Persons w/ AIDS - HOPWA. So this will address other basic needs and may be offered for residents of Louisiana that are HIV positive and meet income limits of 80% of the median area income. 504-568-7474

Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Screening Program will provide free tests, screening, and consultations for breast and cervical cancer. If you are diagnosed, there is also a state treatment program available. 888-599-1073

If you are diagnosed per above, then the state government funded Medicaid coverage and treatment is available for uninsured women. It will pay for all medical bills and provide full benefits for physician costs, hospital expenses, and other needs. Telephone number is 888-342-6207.





LaCHIP (Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program) is affordable or free government and public health insurance for children up to age 19. It is for more moderate income families with children who can’t qualify for any other programs, such as Medicaid. A comprehensive number of resources are offered for infants, children, and teenagers. Call 888-599-1073 for information.

The High Risk Pool Louisiana Health Plan is for families who would otherwise be considered uninsurable. Beneficiaries are people who were previously denied medical care or insurance due to preexisting medical conditions. It is only an option for patients who are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or other major medical group health coverage. Patients will need to pay some premiums, fees, and usually reduced costs for their care. 800-736-0947

Very similar to above is the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or PCIP. This particular offering is administered in partnership with the federal government and the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It will pay your bills for primary and specialty care, prescription drugs, lab work, and more. There are a few distinct plans to choose from, all of which have different fees and costs. Telephone number is 866-717-5826.

VFC - Vaccines for Children Program, is offered with community clinics and other medical professionals in Louisiana. The child needs to be uninsured and not enrolled in Medicaid, and they also need to be under the age of 18. Vaccinations are provided for various conditions, including flu, measles, polio, and much more. 504-838-5300.




By Jon McNamara

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