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Jackson County assistance programs.

Get assistance with bills

The Jackson County Community Action Agency is a local organization that has a goal of helping people who are facing difficult times. They can provide some short term assistance, with the goal of getting people back on their feet and becoming self sufficient. The demand for aid is tremendous in today’s weak economy, and the Jackson agency is doing what they can to help as many people as possible.

They offer several programs and ways to get help. Some of what is offered includes:

  • Weatherization assistance: This is a federal funded program that will install energy saving improvements in people’s homes. The upgrades can include such things as additional installation, new heaters or appliances, caulking, and more. The program helps people save hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bills.
  • Housing assistance and financial counseling: Families may be able to receive financial assistance with paying their first month's rent, help with utility bills, deposits, and/or additional rental assistance if they are homeless or facing eviction.  Included as well is counseling and case management, which can include budgeting skills, literacy training, financial advice, assistance with debt, and more. Find additional ways to get help with debt. Learn more.
  • Foreclosure aid: In addition to the rent help above if you are facing eviction, they also have a foreclosure program that provides counseling and more, including rent/mortgage arrearage, utility arrearage payments, and other emergency needs. Michigan also offers a mediation program for foreclosures.
  • Free clothing for children.
  • Heat a home campaign: This is a program that will provide additional funds to those at risk of losing their heating service. They can arrange energy fuel deliveries and other aid.
  • Rent assistance and eviction prevention: The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money that is to be used for housing assistance. This will allow the agency to provide people facing an eviction, or who may be struggling with their rent payments, cash grants that can be used to pay up to two years worth of rent.

These are just a few of the programs offered. They are located at 1214 Greenwood Avenue in Jackson Michigan. Phone number 788-6495, or more on JLH community action agency programs.





Brooklyn Community Chest - Residents of Columbia School District may be able to get help. This non-profit provides various types of financial assistance and cash grants to residents in the Columbia Central School District. Some of the support provided may be able to help with gas, electric and heating fuel bill payment, prescription expenses, rent, housing and mortgage payments, and health care and medical bill payments. Brooklyn Michigan. (517) 592-2636.

Love in the Name of Christ Jackson County - This is partnership of local churches and faith based organizations. You may be able to receive assistance with everything from heating and utility bills, up through rent and free food and groceries. Jackson Michigan. Dial (517) 782-9766

Salvation Army of Jackson County, which is located in the town of Jackson (phone (517) 782-7185) offers some or all of the following. Rent and housing payment assistance, baby food, diapers, and personal hygiene items can be disbursed from the agency. They also may have cash grants for paying rent or security deposits as part of homeless prevention, food and groceries, and other aid. Click here for other free diaper programs.

Additional Salvation Army services will help the working poor gain stability. The center may offer information on employment and clothing for work or school. So many resources are offered, and read more Salvation Army Jackson County.

American Red Cross South Central Michigan Chapter runs program for military members and their families. Much of the assistance provided is referrals and information. For example, learn about health care, financial aid and government benefit programs to apply to, and even services such as emergency communication. 425 Francis Street, Jackson, Michigan 49203, (517) 782-9486.

Disability Connections, Inc. administers programs for residents with disabilities. They can offer respite care, a scholarship program known as Jeannie D. Inman, and more. Also get information on local clinics and medical bill assistance programs in the Jackson Michigan area. Call (517) 782-6054.




Training And Treatment Innovations, Inc. administer numerous assistance programs for the less fortunate and low income. The non-profit helps LifeWays consumers remove housing barriers. Receive financial assistance with paying security deposits, rental subsidies, repairs, and other aid and support. Case managers will help people find affordable housing to live in. 2301 East Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49202. Call (517) 782-0010 for intake.

Concord United Methodist Church - This church may be able to assist with providing the low income and struggling people with temporary financial payments, up to $50 for eviction notices, utility and heating bill shut off notices (gas, electric or water), and possibly even provide gas money for emergencies, job loss or looking for a job. Call (517) 524-6156

St. Vincent DePaul, which is also based in Concord Michigan but supports all of Jackson County, may be able to provide temporary financial assistance for paying utility bills on a case-by-case basis. Funding is very limited, and generally the non-profit is able to assist with around $50. (517) 783-1295

Church conferences operate thrift stores for gently used items and may have limited financial support, such as for utilities or heating bills. All grants are paid out on a case by case basis. 606 South Wisner St in Jackson (call (517) 783-1295) or 913 Napoleon Road in Michigan Center (phone (517) 764-4180), or in Concord dial (517) 783-1295.

Holiday assistance is available in Jackson County and he nearby region. Several charities, churches, and non-profits may be able to provide free toys, clothing, gifts, meals, and more to low income families and children. Most of the services are provided first come - served basis. Click here.

Health care in Jackson County Michigan

Center For Family Health - Phone (517) 784-9356. The low income and uninsured can turn to this community clinic. The center offers medical care and services for patients in all areas, including internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, child care, and family practice. The clinic also provides cervical cancer and breast screenings, pregnancy testing, and immunizations, and vaccines. Have Support Service staff which includes Maternal and Infant Support, Case Management, Financial Services, and Translation. Last, but not least, free or low cost prescriptions are available at little or no cost through Value Meds program for existing patients. Such as patient assistance programs from Abbot. Learn more.

Foreclosure prevention counseling and debt reduction

Greenpath Debt Solutions may be able to offer homeowners and struggling consumers mortgage delinquency and/or foreclosure prevention counseling, rental counseling, homeless counseling, pre-purchase home buyer education and counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, and post-purchase counseling. The programs administered are very extensive, and all types of housing counseling include the development of a budget and action plan, debt reduction, and referral to appropriate resources or government programs are included. All housing and foreclosure counseling is both confidential and free.





Dedicated mortgage counselors help consumers work directly with their banks and mortgage lenders when needed. In rental delinquency situations, counselors provide options for getting the rent current and finding assistance or transitioning to more affordable housing.

Also get help reducing such debts as credit cards and medical. It is important for a consumer to deal with bills and debts, and credit counselors can help here as well. Call Greenpath at (517) 788-9866.

Food assistance programs and banks

Columbia Christian Interfaith Church (Brooklyn MI (517) 592-3947) provides food and groceries to residents in need.

First Church of the Nazarene - Individuals and families in need of temporary food assistance and other support may visit the food pantry. Also, available is warm lunch and hot meals through "Soup Connection" during the same time the pantry is open. Call (517) 782-7084.

Grace Haven Center (dial (517) 962-2107) provides food and groceries to those in need of help. Located in Jackson Michigan.

Several other food pantries operate in the area. They may have free groceries, Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, basic needs such as clothing, and other aid for the needy. Continue Jackson Michigan food pantries.

Property tax and foreclosure assistance

With the weak economy, the number of homes that are facing foreclosure for unpaid property taxes is expected to double for the second time in two years. Properties are considered in forfeiture after real estate taxes have been unpaid for a year, and they are foreclosed if taxes have not been paid in two years.

The Jackson County community action agency has programs that will help people get current with their taxes. Housing counselors have been focused on helping those who owe taxes going back to 2007, however anyone who is struggling can apply for aid. They can even direct families to judicial and hardship hearings.

This year the agency has used about $22,000 this year to help 15 homeowners facing tax foreclosure pay their property taxes.

If you are behind on your property taxes, and if you are facing foreclosure and need assistance, call the Jackson County Community Action Agency at 788-6495 or visit its office at 511 S. Jackson St. Or you can click here to read about other ways to get help.

By Jon McNamara

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