Financial assistance from Interfaith Ministries Inc.

Interfaith Ministries Inc., which serves the needy in the Houston Texas area, receives on average over 200 requests for assistance every month. Almost half of the people seeking assistance have never asked for help before. That is just a reflection of the challenging times that exist in many neighborhoods and regions across Houston Texas. Every day new clients are asking for some form of financial assistance, referrals, and general support.

While the requests will vary, and each person will tend to have unique needs, the most frequent types of requests are for help with paying utility bills, prescriptions, rent and many people even need food or groceries for their families.

Families in Houston are struggling for a number of reasons too. According to Interfaith Ministries, some of the common causes of a financial hardship include medical emergencies, loss of a job, the costs of moving, a lack or loss of child care, or a reduction in work hours.

Oftentimes just the increasing costs that families face every day lead to difficulties. Prices continue to increase for fuel, gasoline and utilities, as well as food. Higher prices can also contribute to the need for temporary financial assistance.

Resources and services from Interfaith Ministries Inc.

The non-profit runs a food pantry for the needy in the community that provides a variety of nutritious food, meals, groceries, and personal hygiene items to help struggling families stretch their dollars and provide for themselves and their families. Food assistance is only available to families and individuals that are not currently receiving food stamps or other forms of public or government assistance.





Interfaith also has a number of volunteers who work with the charity. These individuals will normally visit with dozens of people every single week. They will meet with those who face eviction, illness, hunger, and who are constantly under need and who need help with a number of issues.

Since many people are not always comfortable in asking for assistance, the volunteers from the charity will work with people to go over options, provide advice, support, and information on financial assistance programs. Individuals can receive encouragement, and the volunteers will help people realize that many individuals do care about their situation. Get information and referrals to financial assistance programs, government aid, and resources that are provided by the state of Texas.

The charity is always looking for support, donations, and other aid from members of the greater Houston community. Someone’s support of Interfaith Ministries, whether volunteering, financial support and donations, or even such as the donation of pantry items or food, relieves some of the anxiety and stress that accompanies poverty and people facing a crisis.

Interfaith Ministries Inc. is located at 1101 11th St., Wichita Falls, TX 76301, and can be contacted at 322-1365.






By Jon McNamara

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