Find help with winter heating bills in Indianapolis.

Low income customers and residents of the Indianapolis and Marion County region have access to a few different non-profits and government heating assistance programs. Grants and funds can be used to pay bills, or provide for free energy conservation measures.

One of the main energy companies in the region is Citizens Gas, and they provide financial assistance for heating bills as part of the Warm Heart, Warm Home Foundation. People can donate funds to the energy company, and they will match those contributions. Then all of this money is paid out to low income families and the less fortunate in the community. Call 317-924-3311 for information on applying for help or to donate.

The United Way in Marion County oversees a resource known as the Winter Assistance Fund. For families who are out of options, and who do not qualify for any other government or public aid, this program may be able to help them. You can apply at your nearest township trustee or community center, or dial 317-923-1466.

This fund is targeted at Indianapolis and Marion County residents whose total household income exceeds any federal or state of Indiana guidelines for government energy assistance such as LIHEAP (see below) but are still struggling with paying their heating bills due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Winter Assistance Fund is funded by donations and contributions as well, and all are tax deductible. The United Way, and really many local non-profits and charities, do their best to ensure Indianapolis family’s have heat and power during the winter months. The program can help ensure that those who need energy assistance the most have warm homes during the fall, winter and spring months, which tend to be the coldest periods of the year.

So this program was started in the 1980s for Marion County and Indianapolis residents, and it accepts applications from January through May of each year. Aid is for people who can’t afford their natural gas, heat and/or electricity bills and who have no other resources available for them.





Some of the government programs available in Indianapolis include LIHEAP, which offers grants for paying heating and natural gas bills during the winter. Many customers who are enrolled in that may also be signed up for the Universal Service Program, which can provide a bill reduction or credit on your account. The exact amount of savings will take into effect your income level and utility provider. The last option is the free weatherization program, which will help update and modernize your home to make it more energy efficient.

Apply at the community action agency, 3266 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208, telephone number is 317.396.1800 or the Indianapolis East Office at 2626 E. 46th Street. Phone 317.524.6950.

The Indiana Energy Assistance Program is another option available in Marion County. This government funded program can provide financial assistance and grants to low-income, seniors and working poor families who qualify and can prove their need. While it is focused on paying heating bills during the winter, from time to time some money may be distributed during hot stretches of weather in the summer.

The application process starts during the fall, usually around September. However your bulk fuel and heating oil tanks are usually filled to capacity during the off-peak period during the summer, and this helps Indianapolis families prepare for the winter. Customers are normally provided a credit on their monthly heating bill, and payments are made directly to your utility or gas company. In some cases some money may even pay for the repair or replacement of your furnace. Thousands of families in Indianapolis normally receive some assistance from this program every year.




By Jon McNamara

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