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Idaho uninsured medical care programs.

Individuals in Idaho that do not have health insurance may be able to receive medical care from a number of government sponsored programs. Resources range from financial assistance for paying medical bills to free medications, screening and testing.

The state will also partner with non-profit organizations and other groups in Idaho in an effort to ensure that the uninsured get all the care that they are entitled to. As an example, some of the health care will be administered by clinics that operate in local towns and counties. Other services are provided to patients in Idaho from the federal government. A number of qualifications will need to be met by beneficiaries, including meeting low income thresholds.

Access to Health Insurance, or AHI, is financial assistance from the state that can be used to help make health insurance more affordable. It is for people who work at small businesses who would otherwise be uninsured if not for this program. As funding allows, AHI can pay up to $300 a month for minor children or $100 a month for each adult who is seeking coverage. 866-326-2485

Aid for Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD) is government grants and cash assistance that can help people pay their everyday living expenses. Funds are for seniors and the disabled in Idaho. Phone 877-456-1233.

The Idaho High Risk Reinsurance Pool Plan is individual health insurance coverage for patients that have been denied coverage due to either existing pre-existing conditions or a so called high risk situation. It can also help people that have used up their COBRA benefits and unemployment support. 800-721-3272.

HIV State of Idaho Prescription Program has many versions, including ADAP/SPAP/ and IDAGAP. This federal government supported resource can pay for out of pocket bills, co-pays and other medications. Applicants need to be both low income and uninsured. 800-926-2588.

CHIP, or the Idaho Health Plan for Children is for low to even more moderate income families. It is either free or very affordable insurance coverage for children under the age of 19. CHIP can pay for  hospital visits, regular checkups, lab tests, immunizations, prescription drugs, x-rays, and other bills. Call 800-926-2588 for information or to enroll. It is available for applicants whose current insurance plan is inadequate or who are considered to be uninsured.




Free testing and screening is offered from the Women's Health Check Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. It screens for issues such as cancer, mammograms, and more. It is offered for the uninsured and if it turns out that something is discovered, the program will also arrange for needed treatment. Certain tests are provided based on the women's age. Call 800-926-2588 for a testing location.

Idaho Medicaid Program is government sponsored health insurance coverage for the disabled, people aged 65 or older, blind, females diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer or pregnant women. It is comprehensive health care coverage for needs including hospitals, primary care, doctor visits, etc. Main number is 800-926-2588.

Patients that are uninsured due to pre-existing conditions and who can get coverage from other sources can apply to the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or PCIP Idaho. This program can provide beneficiaries with an extensive range of health benefits. This can include primary and specialty care, prescription drugs, hospital stays and more. A few different plans operate in Idaho, and people will need to pay a premium and out of pocket fees. It was created from federal government grants. 866-717-5826.

The Idaho VFC/Vaccines for Children Program is free to students, infants, and children from uninsured families. Vaccines are provided by the state and non-profits and they will be distributed to local health agencies and clinics. These centers will then distribute them to physicians who will administer shots and medications to qualified patients. It can address conditions such as measles, flu, polio, hepatitis, Meningocaccal and other conditions. Main number is 208-334-4949.




By Jon McNamara

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