Humphreys and Sunflower County Mississippi assistance programs

Rent help and energy bill assistance

Sunflower Humphreys Counties Progress, which is located in Drew, runs a Meals on Wheels food assistance program for seniors who are over 55. It serves people in both of the counties. In addition, they may be able to coordinate rent and/or electric bill payment assistance for needy individuals in the community. (662) 887-1431

Humphreys County Union is a non-profit agency that offers a number of services and resources for the low income, including: GED Instruction, Utility Bill Assistance, Home Owner Classes, Information on Government Programs, Parenting Classes, and Family First Resource Center. Belzoni Mississippi (662) 247-1170

Community clinics and free health care

One of the options for local patients is to call Delta Health Center. The facility is a community clinic offering either free or low cost general medical care to clients in their area. (662) 246-8028

Sunflower Rural Health Clinic - This location is a Certified Rural Health Clinic, meaning it is partly supported by the federal government. Call (662) 756-4024.

Food Banks

Helping Hands of Humphrey County - This non-profit charity agency offers various groceries and food assistance programs for low income and those in need of assistance with daily living in the community. Belzoni MS. (662) 247-2777

Community Action Agency of Sunflower and Humphreys

There is a non-profit that administers several programs for the working poor and low income.





Low Income Energy Assistance - This financial assistance/grant program ensures that the unemployed, working poor and low income households in the community are able to offset the high cost of energy and cooling bills. The program provides direct cash, grants, and financial assistance.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - A variety of grants and aid are provided from this program. It can provide comprehensive services and resources to low to moderate income eligible clients and families. These services offered, and grants provided, include rent help, employment, education, case management, consumer planning, rental assistance, cooling bill and emergency assistance, debt reduction services and self sufficiency.

Head Start - Education and nutritional programs and aid for children.

Weatherization - Offered and supported by the community action agency and the federal government. It is free to income qualified individuals, and will install energy saving improvements to clients homes.

Call the Humphreys and Sunflower County Mississippi Community Action Agency at (662) 887-5655 to apply for help or get more information.




By Jon McNamara

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