Houston water bill assistance.

Get assistance with paying water bills from the City of Houston program known as Water Aid To Elderly Residents (W.A.T.E.R.) Fund. This is provided as a result of government grants and from the companies themselves. People who need help with paying their water and sewer bills, including senior citizens, may be able to qualify for financial assistance from the fund.

While the primary recipients of the grants and financial assistance are low income seniors who are residents of the City of Houston and who live in a single family home or apartment, others may be able to qualify for aid. Limited amounts of financial assistance may be made available to disabled households, or other low- income customers or families who are experiencing a crisis or shut off of their water service.

The City of Houston W.A.T.E.R. Fund is funded through voluntary donations from local Harris County charities, customers, private individuals, and businesses. People who donate want to do what they can to help provide financial assistance to the less fortunate. Customers that are supported include senior citizens, the disabled, people facing an emergency and others who may need help with paying their water and wastewater bills during a difficult period. The City of Houston pays for all administrative costs for the program.

You can apply for help by mail, fax, or even over the phone in certain cases. People requesting assistance from the W.A.T.E.R Fund must formally apply, and an assessment will be done. Applicants need to fill out an application and provide complete documentation of their total household income, residency, identity, and proof of disability. All current residents in the household must be documented and included. Call (713) 371-1400 for more information.

If you apply and are found to be qualified for the Water Aid To Elderly Residents Fund, you may be able to receive up to $100 every six months to pay your water or sewer bills. If your monthly water bill is less than this amount, qualified seniors or low income customers may be able to use any remaining portion in the following months to pay those future bills. This financial assistance can continue up to $100 or six months from the date of the application, whichever comes first. At the end of the six month period of time, customers who are enrolled in the W.A.T.E.R. fund may re-apply for further assistance.





The city of Houston and Harris County have information on other private and public agencies, charities, and non-profits that can help residents with the payment of their water, sewer, and utility bills. Each agency throughout the region has its own qualifications, policies, and application procedures that will need to be met by applicants.

Another way to save money is to eliminate late payment fees, which can be up to 10% of the customer’s current water bill. Customers who are low income, elderly or disabled, and who are faced with a shut off or have service-related disabilities, may apply for an exemption from those late fees. So that can tactic also help people save money.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the fund, customers may do this by checking the W.A.T.E.R. Fund box on your water bill stub and including an extra dollar or two with your payment. Or contribute as much as you would like to. You can also decide to donate online.

For service from this program, or additional information on how to obtain water bill assistance or savings on an account, call 713.371.1400




By Jon McNamara

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