Housing programs from HopeLink of Southern Nevada.

While HopeLink of Southern Nevada focuses its programs on Henderson and southwestern parts of Clark County and Las Vegas, assistance is available for all families in all of Clark County. They focus on housing and homeless prevention, and the main resources include some or all of the following.

  • Financial aid, including for rent, utility or water bills, or security deposits.
  • HopeLink housing ranges from shelter to placement into apartments.
  • Self-sufficiency and legal aid to stop evictions and address employment needs.

Services are available in the zip codes of 89002, 89005. 89011, 89012, 89014, 89015, 89044, 89052, 89074, 89122, and also 89183. However, for people that do not live there, referrals may still be provided by HopeLink as they partner with other non-profit agencies.

HopeLink financial aid programs for housing needs

HopeLink of Southern Nevada case managers provide information, referrals, advice, and advocacy to assist tenants who are having difficulty making their monthly rent payments. There is also support to those that are behind on their utility bills. Or if someone needs a grant to pay a security deposit on a new home, that may be arranged too. Counselors are specialists, and are able to make sense of state of Nevada housing laws as well as energy company payment plans.

They work closely with both client, vendors and landlords, ensuring that each is dealt with fairly. This process will involve a review of all available options for paying rent arrears, and making appropriate referrals to other community service agencies or government grant programs that may help with bills.

Often, bringing in a specialist from HopeLink as a third party to advocate with the landlord or other vendors on the tenant’s behalf can be the most effective way to solve problems. It can often help the family avoid eviction, unpaid fees for utilities, complications, and more. Topics and concerns covered during the course of the counseling include third-party advocacy, and in some situations this can be the key to a successful turn of events.




Contact a counselor from HopeLink of Southern Nevada for an individual assessment of your situation as soon as possible to prevent further fees and complications. Other workshops will help people understanding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, receive referrals to agencies that help pay rent, get free information on laws on eviction notices and statutes, and general housing search assistance.

There is a focus around ensuring that a client to HopeLink of Southern Nevada is making every possible effort to help themselves escape their hardship. To this end the applicant will need to be interviewed and have an examination done of their budget and where they are spending money.

Experienced volunteers as well as social workers will review client applications. This is done for anyone that is requesting a loan or grant for their bills. The process will review what some may consider to be personal aspects of a client's life, such as their outstanding bills, cope of lease or mortgage, and even bank statements. This is all done in an effort to find a solution to the financial problem faced by the applicant.

The goal of the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is to provide low-income households with cost-effective, free energy-efficient home alterations and repairs. The goal is to help people reduce cooling (or maybe heating) costs and free up funds that may be used for other needs.

Crews from HopeLink of Southern Nevada are professionally trained to use state-of-the-art equipment to perform on-site home energy audits. They will be able to identify drafts and air leaks, as well as to inspect cooling or HVAC heating systems for efficiency and safety. Weatherization services in Clark County can also include, but are not limited to, installing insulation, making minor safety-related repairs, sealing air leaks, making modifications to or replacing inefficient heating systems and more.

Resources including transitional and permanent housing

Supportive Housing provides resources and many forms of assistance for homeless individuals and families who are working to obtain a place to live. HopeLink of Southern Nevada will not only help them find and move into a home or apartment, but services available will hopefully allow them to remain in that housing unit when they have completed the program. So the agency provides individualized supportive services to guide them as they make the transition a more stable and independent situation.





The purpose of the program is to help the recent or long term homeless get back on their feet. There are services for everyone from single moms to veterans or the disabled. It may start with a shelter in Henderson or transitional housing unit, but then the clients graduates to other higher end accommodations.

Once an individual or family is in a secure and stable permanent home, it becomes much easier to address their other needs and to also set goals for continued self-sufficiency. This is reflected in the following.

Many of the goals are met by furnishing rental assistance and supportive services, while also expecting the clients to contribute 30 percent of their monthly income toward the housing costs. This program is an alternative to the current procedure of placing the homeless in emergency shelters in Clark County and then into transitional housing.

HopeLink operates from a site at 178 Westminster Way, Henderson, NV 89015. But more details on their service area is above. The phone number is 702-566-0576.




By Jon McNamara

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