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St. Joseph Hospital Foundation's Charity Care Fund

This foundation provides Denver Colorado residents with free health care and medical services. The organization was established in 1977 to provide medical care for those who are struggling and otherwise couldn't afford the hospital bills and other expenses on their own.

The demand for their services is very high. The hospital has a total of four clinics, including the Seton Women's Center and the Seton Women's Center on the Exempla St. Joseph Hospital campus. Last year they assisted over 50,000 patients across the region. A large percentage of those who were helped didn't have health insurance or they were underinsured.

If a patient were to visit any one of the four health care clinics, the hospital takes care of all of the patient's needs and medical bills. The Charity Care Fund will also help with specialty care if, for instance they need to refer a patient to an orthopedic surgeon or a cardiologist, or if someone needs free pharmaceuticals or prescriptions.

In particular, the need for pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs outstrips many people's ability to pay for them. By providing very cheap or medications for patients, the health care clinic often prevents major medical issues from arising, which is a positive as it eases the strain on the remainder of the hospital system, and it is also a more-proactive approach. The are numerous resources for free prescription drugs. Click here to find additional programs.

The bottom line is that patients get their prescriptions, that will help keep them out of the emergency room. Studies show that if someone can’t get the medications they need, that what will happen over and over again is that a person who can't afford prescription medications lands in the emergency room because they couldn't get their medication. It's a constant, vicious cycle, and by providing medications the cycle can end.





Who can receive help?

Almost anyone. There is no one profile of the typical patient who receives health care through the foundation or the Charity Care Fund. Patients will be treated from cradle to grave. Some of those who are helped may have common colds, and others may even have advanced cancer. Some people may be in their 20s, and still others may be in their 70s. Some patients will be U.S. citizens with homes, others are undocumented and living on the streets. The bottom line is that anyone who can’t afford their hospital or medical bills may receive help.

The mantra of the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation's Charity Care Fund is in essence, come one, come all. It has been helping people that way since 1873, when the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth arrived.

For over 100 years, since 1873 the Sisters have been dedicated to providing for the health care needs of the greater Denver community through the services of Saint Joseph Hospital and surrounding clinics.





By Jon McNamara

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