Heart of God Healing Center programs.

Heart of God Healing Center is focused on helping low-income clients become independent and financially stable, with a particular focus on the disabled as well as older citizens in Hartford Connecticut. There is the possibility of providing families in the city with financial aid, but more likely the partnerships will be relied upon in an effort to address the underlying cause of the hardship.

When it comes to direct financial aid, services to support this endeavor includes providing them access to the following. All of this is limited and will also come with restrictions.

  • Financial Assistance and cash grants – Heart of God Healing Center tries to offer payment assistance with rent, mortgage, deposits and utilities.
  • Prescription Drug Vouchers – There may be support for those residents of the city of Hartford Connecticut without medical insurance.
  • Clothing Closet – Vouchers and items are for clients to be used at the local thrift shop. On a limited basis, there are adult diapers available.
  • Gasoline Assistance – The non-profit supplies gasoline vouchers to needy individuals for work reasons.
  • Holiday Help – Free gifts, toys, or presents are for families during the holiday season.
  • Food – Heart of God Healing Center distributes free food to needy, struggling individuals and families from the pantry. There are also nutritious meals in backpacks to unfortunate children in the local School Districts each weekend.
  • Transitional Shelter – Locations in the community provide short term, temporary shelter for those who have a documented action plan to end the cycle of homelessness.
  • School Supplies – A center in Hartford will offer students from low income families backpacks, uniforms, school supplies and clothing vouchers.

The Food Pantry is a resource for working poor individuals and families who will go hungry without assistance from the community. Eligible clients, regardless of their age, are provided up to a 7 day emergency order which has approximately 30 pounds of food for every member of the household.

The amount of groceries given out will be worth tens of dollars per person. If the crisis risk remains even after Heart of God Healing Center assists, participating members may receive additional help every 30 days. They will need to prove their need as well as have documentation of their ongoing struggle.




Heart of God Healing Center Coats for Kids and Holiday Meal Assistance are available. This will focus on children and students from low-income households. The non-profit agency will try to ensure they receive a new winter coat each fall. This is critical in the cold Hartford County winters.

In some cases, gift cards to stores such as Wal-Mart or Target are distributed to qualifying clients of the program. Certain income restrictions apply to these programs. There may also be winter attire for senior citizens in the city who may be at risk without access to warmth.

Further information regarding the Coats for Kids Program includes:

  • Children that need this form of assistance must be 0-18 years of age and attending school per their age group.
  • Heart of God Healing Center clients may register at that time for access to the program.
  • Parents of the child will receive dates on enrollment to the program and coat distribution dates in the fall of every year.

Through Heart of God Healing Center, there is a Holiday Meal program available to eligible, low-income, needy families in the community. There are predetermined income restrictions in place that need to be met. If qualified, a client of Heart of God Healing Center will receive a gift card which allows them to make their own food choices for their holiday meal per their culture and family traditions.

Medical appliances are available in Hartford too. The Heart of God Healing Center charity oversees this in partnership with local hospitals and doctors. The items are used to assist on a short-term basis to people who cannot afford to buy them on their own. Items available at the Lending Closet for Medical Appliances may include walkers, canes, shower/bath seats, wheelchairs, rollators, knee walkers and commodes. The Heart of God Healing Center Lending Closet accepts donations from members of the community who no longer need the appliances themselves.

Seniors can get food brought to them as well. The resource is known as Meals On Wheels. Heart of God Healing Center provides meals to vulnerable, home-bound seniors or the disabled in the community. Many individuals who use this program are low-income.





Meals on Wheels will also focus on people that do not have access to a car or the skills needed to prepare healthy meals for themselves. The program will also support those that are physically limited or restricted in the city of Hartford, thus making it impossible to shop and cook at home by themselves. In addition, many of these struggling senior citizens who apply have little support by way of family. This causes lack of motivation and preparation to make and eat meals on their own.

Aside from the meal delivery from Heart of God Healing Center, drivers from the non-profit are trained to assess the person's physical condition and report any issues to their family, if they are part of the service. The drivers from these programs are passionate and care greatly for the older population. Or a case manager may reach out to the client’s designated emergency contact or make necessary agency referrals on their behalf.

There are other benefits too. Oftentimes, these vulnerable senior citizens in Hartford look forward to socializing with their driver as that may be the only interaction they have with a person all day. Other programs that contract with Heart of God Healing Center to provide meal delivery services in the community includes local churches and the Salvation Army.

At the Heart of God Healing main center, there is a Share Outreach for the elderly as well. This offers Daily Living Services on a walk-in basis. Some of the services for disadvantaged clients include providing clothing, setting up voice mail boxes, accepting client mail, passing out free hygiene products and laundry services. Mental illness, drug addictions, alcohol, and chemical dependency issues are also addressed as needed. Clients of the center may have access to the shower facilities on a limited basis.

Outreach workers from Heart of God Healing Center also meet needy people in the community to set up supportive services. In addition, individuals meet one on one with a designated caseworker to help them access necessary social services, find and establish a safe and stable home or help them with any ongoing issues that are creating barriers to living an independent life.

For the under educated or unemployed members of the community who seek to achieve a higher education or complete their studies, there are GED Preparation and Tutoring Courses available. These services are geared towards those seeking new job skills as well as young persons in the community ages 16-24 years.




Heart of God Healing Center offers this on a flexible basis. Morning and afternoon classes are available for any interested candidate. Students of the non-profit will also be able to assess where they are academically and their course work is adjusted to meet their learning level. Once a student tests at a passing score from the Heart of God Center service, they have the opportunity to take the final GED exam with the cost covered by government grants.

More information on the application process, and services available, can be found by dialing (860) 560-9555.


By Jon McNamara

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