Glendale Community Action Program emergency assistance programs.

For Glendale Arizona residents that are facing a crisis and that meet low income guidelines, the non-profit community action agency may offer funds in a crisis. Most of the aid is focused on so called homeless prevention, which means that applicants need to have an eviction notice, foreclosure filing, or maybe a utility shut off that will eventually lead to homelessness.

A number of conditions are in place, and the cash assistance is limited. While some additional details are below, however it is recommend to call for the latest conditions.

Financial help for bills from community action

The Rent Assistance and Mortgage Programs are limited and applicants need to be facing a defined crisis. An appointment is needed, and the individual will need to meet with a case manager.

Some examples of when money may be issued are when the applicant is facing a condition which endangers the health or safety of the low income household, unforeseen circumstances that increased expenditures making it difficult to meet monthly expenses such as a car repair, or job loss. The aid is one time only, and people from Glendale can’t have received mortgage or rent assistance in the last year. The main phone number is (623) 930-2460, and both funding and the number of appointments taken are limited.

Grants and credits on utility bills is offered from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). It is federally funded, but the Glendale Community Action Program processes applications. A number of utility expenses can be covered, including those below.

LIHEAP can pay for natural gas, heating, propane, or electric bills. In some cases water bills can be paid as well. This includes deposits if the home cooling system is an evaporative type cooler. If you request this, note that a home inspection will be done to verify that household’s only source of cooling is that system.





Income limits are in place, and a household may receive utility bill assistance only once in a 12-month period. As with most of the CAP program, applications for financial assistance are taken by appointment only. The funding level changes every year and is usually set by the federal government and/or the state of Arizona. Phone - (623) 930-2460.

Utility Bill Deposit Program is for gas, electric and water services. Applicants need to be a US citizen or meet legal immigrant status and meet income levels, including 200% below federal government poverty thresholds. This as well is only for those with a job loss, unexpected expenses, or some type of qualified crisis. (623) 930-2854.

The resources above can help with turning power back on. Often when a utility or water company turns off service, the customer has limited or no money available. Glendale Community Action Program will direct families, whether seniors, low income, or disabled to help. As an example, find assistance for turning on utilities when the customer has no money.





Long term support from Glendale Community Action

Referrals are available as well for other local resources. Families can learn about local food pantries, job placement, or community clinics that operate in Glendale Arizona. The agency tries to help the low income and poor regain stability and self-sufficiency.

Immigrants, mostly legal and migrant workers, can get help. The community action agency will support them within limits. A goal is to help them get settled in the Glendale area with housing, employment, medical and other needs. There are many resources for immigrants that are in the state of Arizona.

Applying for help from community action in Glendale area

When applying for help, other Community Action Program conditions will usually be as follows.

  • Applicants for any aid will need to have social security cards for not only them, but also each member of the household.
  • Proof of total gross, household income for the past 30+ days.
  • If applying for homeless prevention, then the person and their household will need to meet Federal Government Poverty Guidelines for any type of emergency rent or mortgage payment.
  • As noted, LIHEAP also has income guidelines in place.
  • Proof of any other assistance, whether from SSI, child support, disability, or some other form.




No matter what type of help you apply for, the number of appointments taken is very limited as well as funding. In general, only a small number of households requesting assistance will be able to receive it. The main Glendale Community Action office is at 5949 W. Northern Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85301. Call 623-930-2460 for more information or an appointment.


By Jon McNamara

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