Hidalgo County Texas public assistance programs.

Hidalgo County government funded programs can help the low income, unemployed, and people facing a hardship. Services offered range from food, housing, Head Start, and financial assistance for veterans and military personnel. The county can also refer people and help them apply to state of Texas and federal government public assistance resources too. The Hidalgo County Health and Human Services organizations runs most of the programs.

The Hidalgo County Head Start Program can help children and even their parents. Most of the assistance for children under the age of five is really trying to prepare them for school, and to make the transition easier for them. So Head Start can provide support such as health and dental services, nutrition, food, and educational services. This service can enhance a child’s quality of life and help them participate in their children’s future.

Head Start is funded by the federal government; however it is administered locally by the government in Hidalgo County Texas. In addition to the benefits for children as indicated above, parents can benefit from social services. For example, parents may be able to explore job finding programs, budgeting, and credit repair and improvement. After all, a key to the child’s well being is a self-sufficient parent.

Food, meals, and groceries may be obtained from the Hidalgo County WIC Program. Another federal government public assistance and education program, this one provides supplemental foods, groceries, and meals. The primary objective is to promote good health for breastfeeding, pregnant, and postpartum women, infants, babies and also children up, under the age of five years old. Almost 50,000 people across Hidalgo County benefit from WIC on an annual basis.

WIC offers a number of services to qualified families. Among them include supplemental foods and groceries that are rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium, Vitamin A and C. Some of the foodstuffs provided include eggs, milk, cheese, peanuts butter, beans, peas, lentils, baby foods, juices, whole grains, cereal fruits and vegetables, and infant formulas. All of these perishable items can be purchased and provided as part of WIC.





Nutrition Education is also offered. This includes individual nutrition classes and counseling that is related to each family's concerns, interests, and needs. Other support includes Breastfeeding, in which clients can receive instruction and support on breastfeeding methods. Breastfeeding incentives and breast pumps are available from WIC for mothers who meet certain criteria.

The Hidalgo County Texas Housing Authority also works to address rental assistance and housing needs of low-income families and individuals. They run a number of government and public assistance programs, including Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, referrals, and Family Self Sufficiency Programs. Tenants can also get referrals and advice to potential eviction prevention programs and resources, all with the goal of preventing homelessness.

The Hidalgo County Veterans Service Department may be able to provide assistance to military veterans, surviving spouses, and their dependents. They work with and can refer individuals to various Department of Veterans Affairs programs. Case managers can help people apply for government and public aid for a wide variety of needs, including housing, medical bill assistance, and job training and education. A veteran should be given every opportunity to access financial assistance for bills and basic needs.

Referrals to government assistance

A social worker as part of WIC can also provide referrals to a variety of public assistance, health and social services, and other aid. This can include free medical and dental services, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Children's Health Insurance (CHIP), Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), TANF, Prenatal Care, and food pantries.




Other services available to individuals include information on other programs such as LIHEAP, weatherization, and health care such as Medicare. So while the county may not have any direct financial assistance for your need, they usually have information on these or other resources.

Hidalgo County Health and Human Services can be contacted at (956) 383-6221.


By Jon McNamara

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