Frazer United Methodist Church emergency assistance programs.

Donations and volunteers from the greater Montgomery County region help the non-profit Frazer United Methodist Church provide assistance to the less fortunate. Most of the resources are for basic needs, such as food, clothing, rent and shelter, however there may be limited financial aid for special situations. Or referrals can be provided by the staff of the church to other agencies in the region.

If there is any type of financial assistance available, it is focused on emergencies only and is targeted at people that are otherwise self-sufficient. Someone from Mont may be struggling due to unexpected expenses from a car repair or medical bill, and maybe they need some short term support with paying rent or food during this time. In these cases, Frazer United Methodist Church can sometimes assist.

Preventing homelessness is a key function and goal of the charity. This can be done in an effort to provide support for people with a utility disconnection or eviction notice, and any assistance provided will be as a last resort. If there are funds available, applicants need proof of hardship, identification, residency and more. As noted, the money is raised from the community, so many people will unfortunately not be able to receive help from the non-profit.

Social workers and volunteers from Frazer United Methodist Church address all challenges, and they take a holistic approach in this matter. They will work with the poor and less fortunate in determining what caused the crisis, and help them find solutions such as public assistance, job training or placement, education and other social support services. Aid is intended to be a hand up to people, and not a so called hand out.

Other basic needs can be met too by the church. This can include some or all of the following. As noted, resources are stretched thin and funding for these services comes and goes. However Frazer United Methodist Church will try to meet the demands of the less fortunate.

  • Food and hunger prevention – Boxes of groceries and more may be passed out, and some volunteers may deliver items to the homebound or seniors in Montgomery County.
  • Vouchers for household goods and basic needs, ranging from clothing to maybe medications.
  • Clothing may be offered from the United Methodist Church for people that need an outfit for a job or employment.




Referrals are a key service from Frazer United Methodist Church. This can include information on state of Alabama as well as federal government entitlements, ranging from SNAP and more. While information may be available, people need to take the initiative in applying for these programs on their own and following through.

There is assistance for the homeless, and this can include placement into shelter as well as other solutions. No matter the cause of the hardship or reason behind it, the goal is to help people transition from living on the street or short or long term homelessness to independent living into a new, affordable home or apartment.

The solution to homelessness is multi-faceted. Clients can receive information on budgeting as well as referrals to workshops on credit repair. However, one key is to find stable and decent paying jobs, so this will also be emphasized by Frazer United Methodist Church and is a goal.

Many low income people from the community use a shelter for other reasons as well, and they may not even be homeless. Some residents, in particular the vulnerable such as seniors or disabled, need a reprieve from the cold or hot weather, need a phone to make telephone calls, a hot meal, or just get some free advice from a caring volunteer worker.

Residents of Montgomery County can also get information on local job training and placement services. This is one key to self-sufficiency, as increasing income can help with daily living expenses. There are workforce centers in the region and other non-profit solutions to either under or unemployment, and staff from Frazer United Methodist Church can direct clients to them. All of these are focused on providing stability and long term support.

The Montgomery Church has very limited resources, but when they can help, the number is (334) 260-3656.




By Jon McNamara

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