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The Fifth Street Ministries Outreach Center is centrally located in Statesville. The non-profit will offer support to needy, low-income clients. Families from the Iredell County area can learn about, or gain access to a variety of assistance programs. The hub at Fifth Street Ministries can offer information on the following resources, including Emergency Housing such as shelter, a food pantry and Soup Kitchen, and details on financial help.

The purpose of the Fifth Street Ministries Family Shelter is to stabilize families. Applicants will need to go through an initial screening, which is conducted by a family specialist from the agency. In fact, each and every “guest” is paired with a case manager. It operates more as a nighttime service.

The Shelter can be used for up to 30 days, as it flows into their transitional housing program. The goal is to get people off the streets. This will in effect ensure that they have a safe, secure place to stay while they seek out more stable housing in a local Iredell County apartment or transitional housing unit. Guests of the shelter can also receive three meals a day as they benefit from the intensive support and guidance provided by the program. They will, among other things, need to agree to save some of their money for paying future rental costs.

Fifth Street Ministries Rehousing is part of this process too. The family or individual meets with a case manager to determine the needs of the household. This is done as part of PATH, or the Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness. Once that need of the client has been established, rehousing will be used to help them appropriate resources and programs in the community. There will be a customized stability plan developed by Fifth Street Ministries and the shelter guest that allows them to make the best use of their time in the shelter.

The case management services also helps parents access childcare. Others can be placed into transportation, mainstream government benefits, employment, and can apply for rental and/or housing grants.  The next step is to work with the case manager to develop Shelter residents.





Fifth Street Ministries Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen is available to qualified clients. The center offers a client choice shopping site, which helps provide only what a family needs. There are also volunteer personal shopping assistants who help clients choose foods from the pantry that (1) their families will enjoy and (2) that are healthy. The amount of groceries provided to households based on the number of people living in the home.

Homeless individuals in Statesville are referred to soup kitchen services offering prepared meals. Many come to Fifth Street for a box or food or hot meal because of an unforeseen crisis, unexpected illness, cutback in work hours, job loss or accident. There are limits, in that food can be provided once each month for families and individuals. Also, the soup kitchen only operates twice a week.

Fifth Street Ministries may be able to offer help as a last resort, most of which is from a clothing closet. They are one of the many charities in Iredell County that can help people meet their basic living needs or be referred to other resources.

  • Examples of some of the assistance available includes free food boxes, providing hygiene products that are not covered with food stamps, vouchers for gasoline, clothing for employment, birth certificates for school registration.
  • Free furniture may be given when the homeless move into their own home in the Iredell County area.
  • There may also be new school supplies by Fifth Street Ministry for the homeless with kids.
  • Emergency clothes may be given, as well as blankets, sleeping bags, and other items.
  • There are other places for items as well, as find local free clothes closets.




Nurses from the Iredell County are offer a health care clinic. While some basic check ups are done, as well as educational services, more extensive needs are met by referrals. Fifth Street Ministry partners will also refer the person to prescription medication programs and help the homeless or insured locate affordable medical or dental care.

The main location of the charity is at PO Box 5217, which is the mailing address. More information is Statesville, North Carolina 28687, or dial 704-872-4045.


By Jon McNamara

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