Eugene Water and Electric assistance programs.

Resources from the Eugene Water & Electric Board can help low income families with paying their water bills. The company offers resources such as the Customer Care Program, payment extensions, resources for the jobless, and other support. Assistance is targeted at low income customers, people facing a crisis (such as unexpected unemployment) and others. If you are have difficult in paying your utility or water bills, and if your income is low enough, then contact EWEB.

The Customer Care Program is run in partnership with non-profits and Lane County. It also relies heavily on donations from the community as well as matching grants from Eugene Water & Electric. The program is one of the most well funded in the nation (based on population size) and it helps thousands of struggling families every year.

Energy Share was fairly recently renamed and branded as Customer Care. This can provide limited amounts of financial aid or grants for income qualified customers. If you apply and are found eligible, the company may offer as much as $200 for your water and/or utility bills per year. While customers do not receive cash, they will be provided a credit on their account. Any credits or financial assistance paid out will be based on the applicant’s household income.

As mentioned, EWEB works with others to make this program available. They include its customers, the City of Eugene, and also Lane County Human Services Division. Many people are able to keep their water service connected as a result of the program.

Please donate to Customer Care if you can. While EWEB revenues help pay for it, it also relies on the generosity of customers, businesses and others in the community. They have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. You can donate one time or make a recurring contribution. Dial 541-685-7000 for details.

To get more information or to apply for help, call one of the non-profits or charities below.

  • The Campbell Senior Center can be reached at (541) 682-5354. They help customers 60 years and older.
  • Lane County Oregon St. Vincent de Paul Society. Phone (541) 461-8794.
  • Catholic Community Services supports households in the Springfield/McKenzie area. (541) 747-8349




Also, residents can call any of these Lane County Oregon organizations to learn about and apply for other emergency funds. Or get referrals to food banks, child care, job training, and unemployment opportunities. After all, have access to these types of programs is key to getting back on track with the long term payment of your water bills.

Another resource is the job loss program. Eugene Water & Electric will offer at most $200 in electric or water bill-payment assistance. This is an option for recent jobless customers who searching for employment and that are also receiving unemployment compensation.

Deposit guarantor is another option for income-eligible customers. This program provides assistance for up to half of a customer's account water deposit. If you apply and are accepted, you also need to participate in the Customer Care Plus program, which is noted below.

Eugene Water & Electric Board Customer Care Plus is focused on conservation and energy savings. It can assist families by helping them save money on their utility bills, including water. Appliance upgrades or replacement, rebated, education, and more is available as part of Customer Care Plus. Lane County Human Services Division runs this program, and call them at (541) 682-3378.

Help for water bills is also available for military members, recent veterans and their families. Aid is generally offered for those customers that have been called to active duty. To be eligible, an income providing member of the household must have been on active duty within the past 24 months, currently be on active duty, or meet other conditions.



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