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Supporting several towns and regions in Boulder County and Broomfield, the non-profit Emergency Family Assistance Association provides help during a crisis. They can assist with everything from housing expenses to offering food and support for medical needs. The focus of the charity is on Ward, Jamestown, Nederland, Marshall, Pinecliff, Gunbarrel, Coal Creek, Eldorado Springs, and Golden Colorado, and the staff also provide referrals to other solutions.

When seeking financial support, note that this is very limited. The non-profit will occasionally be able to help, but resources are limited. When possible, the Family Assistance Association can assist with some or all of the following.

  • One time funds for paying rent or utility bills if facing a disconnection or eviction.
  • Families, children, and senior citizens facing hunger can get free food or groceries.
  • Housing solutions range from shelters to more mid term, transitional housing. Furniture may also be offered for a new home or apartment.
  • The currently homeless, or people seeking a more affordable home in Boulder, may receive grants to pay the rental deposit on it and other support.
  • Seasonal aid from Emergency Family Assistance Association will include items such as free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, including toys for children.

Money will very rarely, if ever, be issued to the applicant. Instead EFAA will work directly with the person’s landlord or utility company, and the payments will be arranged with those vendors, often in the form of a voucher or credit. As part of this, staff will also try to enroll the client into some type of payment plan or even mediate a solution, as those can be beneficial to long term success.

Another resource is the Basic Needs Program. This is where most of the financial aid originates from, and it relies on money being raised from the community by EFAA. In a crisis, essential expenses such as rent or medical needs can be paid for, as well as other crisis expenses. Low income families are also assisted with applying to other sources of public or government assistance, such as state of Colorado or federal government benefits, such as food stamps or LIHEAP.




Short term housing and shelter is provided. Dozens of apartments are located across Broomfield and Boulder Counties. For those people that are qualified, such as working poor or single moms, the short-term housing is available for several weeks. They will also receive a free meal, access to case management, and referrals to affordable permanent housing.

The Transitional Housing Program from EFAA is very similar, but it will last for a slightly longer period of time then the resources above. All guests of this center need to be working toward long term self-sufficiency. The capacity is limited, and Emergency Family Assistance Association will need to make some hard decisions on who can be assisted or not.

Ongoing case management, education, and job placement is available in Boulder Colorado and other towns. Every client of the association will meet with a professional, and they will be counseled and assessed on what is needed and how they can best match income, pay down debts and address unpaid expenses. The charity also uses a fully comprehensive approach as well as caseworkers to assess each family’s individual situation.

A big component of this is the organization partnering with other charities and government agencies in the region. Staff from EFAA will refer individuals to food pantries or local churches that have funds for expenses such as rental costs. Or receive information on government applications such as for food stamps or low income energy assistance / LIHEAP. The goal is to always ensure people get the help they need in Boulder.

At the end of the application process, if qualified, staff from Emergency Family Assistance Association will advise on what the person is eligible for. Funds from EFAA may be able to assist with food, groceries, transportation costs, housing deposit, rent, emergency hotel vouchers, prescription eyeglasses, minor medical and dental bills, birth certificate fees, heating and energy-related bills (even water) and more. Any money paid out by the charity is at the discretion of the charity, and resources are very limited.

To apply for help, an appointment needs to be made. Call 303.442.3042 to talk to a case manager from the association. Be prepared with proof of income, expenses, and documentation to what the hardship is, as this will be required when seeking help.



By Jon McNamara

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