East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance programs.

Homeless prevention is a key goal of East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation. The agency will also advocate on behalf of the low income, and they try to encourage affordable housing and apartments in East Harlem. Whether it is a referral to emergency rental assistance or some other form of support, EHNBAC tries to address this need.

Over the years, the non-profit has helped thousands of people access housing. This ranges from shelter to placement into affordable rental units. They have also helped tenants from becoming evicted and homeowners from being foreclosed on.

Staff from East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation partner with other community-based programs and agencies, and this is done as they guide people toward reaching the goal of gaining greater stability. The services work from coordinating case management, short-term financial assistance in the form of grants, eviction prevention, and veterans’ services programs. Self-sufficiency from the agency will touch upon job training and credit counseling too.

EHNBAC takes a proactive, holistic approach to providing help to clients to avert crisis situations, avoid becoming homeless, and become more self-sufficient and productive. This will always be the main goal of the organization.

They have had success in helping clients, whether tenants or homeowners, resolve various housing-related issues and concerns. Mediation services provide solutions in landlord tenant disputes that help to avert Housing Court action in New York City that most likely would end in eviction, leaving the clients homeless. Or mediation can also help homeowners avoid a foreclosure.

In potential eviction cases that do end up in court, East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance's free legal representation has also saved many households. Staff have established long-term working relationships with apartment managers and landlords, and they gain expertise in navigating public assistance and benefits systems as well. This has made it possible in public assistance cases.




The agency can also help initiate the application process for benefits and resources that may include one-shot deals for paying back rent, Jiggetts, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. Or the homeless can apply for help with a security deposit. Finally, EHNBAC advocates for our clients in receiving other entitlements and resources for which they are eligible, such as Section 8 and NYCHA subsidies, Child Support, WIC, SCRIE, SSI, HEAP, Child/Teen/Family Health, and food pantry services.

EHNBAC offers one time Household Financial Assistance to East Harlem residents who are at risk of becoming homeless. In addition to money for making rent payments, there may be grants in smaller amounts may be available two times per year. Other support is education and training is available via workshops and one-on-one assistance in the areas of tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Workshops will touch upon domestic violence and safety planning, making the transition from welfare to work, and navigation of the benefit/entitlement system. Applicants must meet strict eligibility requirements to receive financial assistance.

Financial Literacy works toward the goal of helping participants gain an understanding of fundamental economic management and budgeting. Clients will also be able to acquire necessary skills and techniques from East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance to improve their financial situation, avoid losing their current housing, and enhance quality of life.

The service also demonstrates how attitudes and habits developed in regard to money over the years have affected their quality of life. Learning and improving these attitudes and habits can be used to motivate participants to develop effective cash management skills. Financial Literacy will then in effect lead people to greater control over their finances and more effective money management skills.

For more details, the East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation is located at 2253 Third Ave., Second Floor, New York, NY 10035. Call the office at 212-289-1900.




By Jon McNamara

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