Coles, Douglas, Edgar County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

The resources administered by Catholic Charities are diverse. Hundreds of qualified, low income and working poor families in the region, including Coles and Douglas County, receive support every year. This can include case management, assistance for basic needs, food and more.

Basic needs are available from centers in Springfield, Alton, Effingham, and Granite City Illinois. If you or your family is facing a crisis, the Catholic Charity organization will offer both self-sufficiency and maybe short term financial aid too. Case managers work closely with struggling families to find a solution.

While the exact type and amount of assistance will vary based on need and the applicant's situation, you may receive case management, guidance, referral and advocacy. Some of the basic needs offered may include clothing, food and household vouchers, rental and utility bill assistance. During the holidays and including Christmas, special food baskets, toys and gifts may be offered. People in a crisis situation may also need someone to help them, and the centers will do their best.

No matter which county you live in, the staff and volunteers from each church or Catholic Charity center are knowledgeable and offer referrals about services provided by other non-profit agencies and government institutions in each area.

Catholic Charities will work closely with groups across Edgar and Douglas County to find and assist with applying for the best solutions. As an example, if a qualified applicant requests a service from the agency that is not offered, staff from the charity will do their best to find a way to connect them with a nearby agency, church or facility that can help with those services or need. They have knowledge on Illinois state government programs, federal resources, and much more. The organization takes pride in the amount of knowledge that they have on these various resources and government programs that operate in the region.

Food, meals, and hunger fighting programs are available. This support residents of Springfield, Alton, Carlinville, Effingham, Decatur, Mattoon, and Quincy. Hundreds of families, and many children, struggle to find food on a daily and weekly basis. Catholic Charities is focused on assisting these families when it is possible and resources allow. For residents of all ages (senior citizens, newborns, children) who confront hunger, solutions can be found. The staff and items available at the food pantry may be able to help address the immediate hunger problem and also find a long term solution for the family.




Each food box offered or meal served supplies one-third of the individuals federal nutritional recommended daily allowance. When possible they will also try to offer one-third of the recommended calorie intake. Contributions of food, time, and money are necessary for this program to continue to function, so please give if you can. Groceries and fresh food are always needed by the Catholic Charity pantries.

Meals are served and prepared from time to time. They may be offered by Catholic Charities in Coles for people with special dietary needs. This can include, but is not limited to, low-sodium, low-fat, diabetic, bland and renal options are available. A typical meal served by the agency may includes meat, fruits, vegetables, breads and other items, such as dessert.

Meals on Wheels is offered as well. The United Way and Salvation Army are close partners in the program. Other organizations and agencies that support home delivered meals include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Office of Rehab Services, and Illinois Department on Aging. The items may be delivered to the homebound, senior citizens, disabled and others.

The main Catholic Charities of Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties is located at 4217 Dewitt Avenue, Mattoon, Illinois 61938-6620. Call (217) 235-0420.




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