Davis County assistance programs.

Housing and rent assistance

Almost $300,000 in federal aid is being provided to Davis County to provide help with rent and housing to residents. Among the local agencies and charities in Davis County that will receive the federal funding is the Family Connection Center (FCC). This is the county’s community action agency and it operates transitional housing and related programs, provides rent assistance and other housing aid, and they do their best to help people become self-sufficient.

The Family Connection Center ((801) 771-4642) currently has over $170,000 in its rent assistance and also transitional housing assistance program budget. In addition, it has about $50,000 in an additional reserve that is strictly used for rental assistance programs. Combined, these funds are available to assist Davis County Utah residents who qualify for the aid, help with making rental payments at most once every 18 months.

In addition to the FCC, the Davis Community Housing Authority would be another aid organization or agency that could apply for the federal grants. The DCHA offers a wide variety of assistance programs to help low as well as moderate income and also disadvantaged people with finding housing and assisting with rent.

Prescription Assistance Program

The Davis County Health Department has created a Prescription Assistance Program. The goal of this new program is to offer a way for people to get their high-cost prescriptions and other medications for far less money. In addition, it is also a way for individuals to navigate the health care system for free or reduced price prescriptions, including getting information on such resources as NeedyMeds and Patient Assistance Programs.

While the exact amount of aid provided will vary, usually a three month supply of medication for maintenance can be obtained, and sometimes up to one year worth can be received.





Some of what can be provided include discounted or free medications for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid,  and more. These drugs are usually aimed at helping people maintain their health.

The Davis County Utah Prescription Assistance Program is open to anyone in the county, regardless of their age or income. However a sliding scale will be charged for some people based on their ability to pay.

Call the county at (801) 451-3340 to learn more or apply.

Grants to prevent an eviction in Davis County Utah

Federal stimulus funds, formally known as the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, are being sent to Davis county to help people pay their rent and other housing expenses, such as security and utility deposits. The funds are being administered and distributed to people in need by the Davis Community Housing Authority ((801) 451-2587).

The grants are being provided to people who are facing an eviction. In addition, money is also available for those who may be homeless today.

Funds are being provided to individuals and families and they are meant to provide one or two months of rental assistance. The money is intended to help people get through a short term housing crisis.

If you sign up and are fund to be eligible for the program, participating families will need to agree to case management services. For example, this program can advice them and give them help on such things as budgeting, accessing other community resources, referrals to government programs, and other aid. It isn’t just a rental assistance program,, it is homeless and eviction prevention.

Debt and foreclosure help

Contact AAA Fair Credit Foundation at 1-800-351-4195 to gain access to a variety of debt, mortgage, and foreclosure programs. This Farmington based agency will help people receive financial counseling, budgeting and financial management skills training, debt management, foreclosure prevention, and special matched saving accounts (IDAs) that enable low to moderate income individuals and families to build assets, save money, and enter the financial mainstream of society. Find other ways to get help with debts and bills, including learn how to sue debt collectors.





Social Services and emergency help for a crisis and bills

Catholic Community Services of Utah provides help to those who are most in need of assistance, regardless of their religion, race, background or personal circumstances.  They accomplish this mission by serving the needs of the low income and poor, and also provide help to individuals and families. Their goal is to help people reach their full human potential. They provide basic needs and emergency services. Phone (801) 977-9119.

Davis HEAT Program - The non-profit administers the Utility Moratorium Program to prevent winter utility shut-off and can also help low-income households pay a portion of their winter utility bill. As funding allows, can offer emergency utility bill assistance and grants to prevent shut-off. Call 801-394-9774. Click here for additional utility assistance programs in Utah.

Dental Care

Davis County Dental Health is a local agency that provides dental assistance to those who qualify. They partner with local government and state of Utah agencies to assist and provide dental care to residents who qualify for aid. (801) 444-9090

Financial assistance, grants, and emergency assistance

In addition to some of the programs mentioned above, Family Connection Center - Layton offers several different resources and services. Among them include:

Emergency Financial Assistance - This is a program that provides, at most once every three years, cash grants and financial assistance for emergencies that people may experience such as evictions, mortgage difficulties, foreclosures, utility service shutoffs, and essential prescriptions and medications. They can also provide:

  • Emergency food pantry and food boxes.
  • Christmas and holiday gifts.

Call the agency at (801) 771-4642.




Food assistance and non-financial aid

Residents of Davis County have about 15 primary food pantries to call for help. Some of what is offered will include meals, free food, groceries, vegetables, baby formula, and more. The exact items will vary by center.

  • LDS Bishop's Storehouse - Centerville - Call the site at 801-298-2208
  • Fish -n - Loaves, dial 801-544-2426
  • Or find more locations of food banks and clothing closets.


By Jon McNamara

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