Cuyahoga County foreclosure prevention programs.

Free foreclosure counseling is available to Cuyahoga County homeowners. Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland helps run the primary Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Program, which is part of the Don't Borrow Trouble campaign.

Thousands of foreclosures occur across the county and state of Ohio every year. This program may be able to help those individuals who need free advice or information about getting assistance for their home loans. In particular, programs are focused on those who are in danger of defaulting on their payments, lost their jobs, or who may be facing a foreclosure. Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland is the lead agency that coordinates resources.

Services offered by Don't Borrow Trouble campaign

The goal of the expanded Don't Borrow Trouble campaign is to lower the number of foreclosures that are occurring throughout Cuyahoga County. The way the program tries to achieve this goal is by providing free or low cost foreclosure counseling, outreach, education, free legal assistance, advocacy, and information on federal government and state of Ohio mortgage programs. They also try to address inappropriate and predatory lending and home loans. The groups that created and run the campaign realize that information and communication is one of the keys to resolving a foreclosure. The more education the Cleveland area homeowner is the better their chance for receiving assistance.

A total of 9 local HUD certified non-profit agencies run the foreclosure prevention program. They include the following.

  • Consumer Credit Counseling of the Midwest - 800-355-2227
  • Community Housing Solutions - 216-231-5815
  • Faith Community United Credit Union - 216-271-7111
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland - 216-458-4663
  • The Housing Advocates - 216-431-7400





The free foreclosure counseling provided covers the entire range of issues that could lead a homeowner to filing a foreclosure on their home. Speak to a counselor to get help, including budgeting advice to refinance counseling, information on solutions from banks and lenders, and the program may be able to offer help to homeowners in default. The mortgage counselors can help a Cuyahoga County resident work out a payment plan with lenders or some form of modification.

In some cases, the counselor assigned to your case as part of the Don't Borrow Trouble may be able to directly negotiate with your lender on your behalf. Numerous Cuyahoga County homeowners have found this approach to be very effective at providing mortgage relief. This particular approach to foreclosure prevention will ensure that an experienced, highly trained counselor is working on your behalf.

In addition, the HUD certified counselors may also be able to show prospective and current borrowers how to make good financial decisions on their home loans, refrain from making poor refinancing deals on existing homes, repair credit reports and improve scores. They can also help them identify home loan and mortgage products that are most likely to lead to foreclosure and mortgage defaults. In addition, locate other Ohio foreclosure counseling agencies.

In addition, TANF eligible clients may be eligible for limited mortgage assistance from the Don't Borrow Trouble campaign.




By Jon McNamara

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