Crowley Christian Care Center assistance programs.

The faith based Crowley Christian Care Center provides financial assistance, guidance, and basic needs. Anyone seeking financial help, note that various criteria need to be met, and resources are limited. When it comes to other services from the organization, such as counseling or free groceries from the food pantry, this tends to be more readily available.

Acadia Parish residents of all religions, ages, and races can apply to the center. The staff, made up of both volunteers from local churches and full time members, will provide support in a non-judgmental nature. If assistance can't be provided, then referrals will try to be given to other local non-profits such as the United Way.

Crowley Christian Care Center operates a food pantry. They try to help as many working poor and otherwise qualified families as possible. The non-profit will not refuse service or discriminate to applicants based on their race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. They also try to offer groceries and/or meals at no cost.

Volunteers want all people to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. Note that in some cases, the person will be required to show proof of income; proof of residence and statement of need is required. This pantry is just one more option for the low income.

Crowley Christian Care Center provides non-monetary aid. Whether it is the sale of gently used goods at the thrift store, clothing vouchers, or a box of free food from the pantry, there are assistance programs available across Acadia Parish.

Income qualified clients can call the charity to apply for help. An interview is often required, and all resources are limited. If the agency can't help, then they may offer referrals to other places to try. As an example, there are churches that pay rent or provide other support.

  • Vouchers for free clothing may be available if it is needed for work or school.
  • A thrift store has everything from low cost car seats for children to bedding, kitchen appliances, and notebooks for school.





  • Crowley Christian Care Center food pantry may offer goods such as rice, soup, dairy items, cereal, and other free groceries.
  • Families from Acadia Parish recovering from a disaster may be given a motel voucher or furniture for a new home, once they have one.
  • Disaster relief services are also part of the non-monetary aid offered.

For those that can volunteer from one of the many churches or other organizations, additional support is always needed. Or if someone has surplus goods to donate to the thrift store, those too can make a difference. Everything provided will be used to help a less fortunate family in the community with their basic needs and it can even help some people literally survive from day to day.

Emergency Assistance Program – Crowley Christian Care Center offers financial assistance with rent, mortgage, and utility payments to Acadia Parish residents. There is support as well for medical needs, such as loans made of equipment and vouchers for medications. There is emergency help for people who are experiencing financial difficulties due to emergency or crisis situations. Services also include financial counseling in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.

The center focuses on growth and development of its clients. The resources above are only for short term needs. But many people from Acadia Parish may need even more support. So the faith based charity will try to understand the needs of each person. Whether it is counseling, “work experience” by volunteering, meal, clothing, or just someone to listen to them, aid is available.

They do focus on the city of Crowley, with some services maybe available across Acadia Parish. For more information on their services, dial (337) 783-5811, or the main address is 726 W 7th St, Crowley, Louisiana 70526.



By Jon McNamara

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