Salvation Army services in Cowlitz County.

For residents of the county of Cowlitz, many need support with emergency situations, and the hardship could be caused by a one time crisis or some other unexpected expense. The Salvation Army may be able to help a very small number of the thousands of individuals and families in the county of Cowlitz that live on income from minimum wage jobs or with fixed incomes.

Various eligibility and other program terms are in place, and all resources are limited from the Longview based charity. Due to rising costs of food items, utility bills, gasoline, rent, clothing and other living expenses, many people from the region are struggling and failing to make ends meet. The Salvation Army may have funding or referrals for those clients facing short term struggles. The priority will be for applicants that already have a long term solution in place.

There is social and financial support for people facing temporary emergencies and setbacks. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to, a family facing a disconnect in their utilities for lack of payment, losing their home for falling behind on rent or needing basic items for daily living such as food or gently used clothing.

Housing programs in Cowlitz County cover a broad spectrum of services including providing emergency shelter, one time rent assistance, transitional housing and case management to those eligible individuals and families. Resources from the Salvation Army or its partners in Kelso offer intensive case management, shelter and food to people facing homelessness or living under the threat of eviction.

When seeking aid, case managers will conduct initial assessments of the applicant's circumstances. Based on the results, there will be an action plan created and goals set, which touch upon finding steady employment. There may also be necessary referrals for education, vocational opportunities, teaching budgets and other life skills. These are just some of the services offered to clients.

Case managers also work with clients to find safe and affordable housing in areas like Kelso or Cowlitz Counties. The main goal is to help individuals and families find stable and secure apartments or housing in the long term.

The length of stay at shelters and transitional units varies as needed and is based on individual circumstances. During this time period, changes will be made to help clients improve credit, increase their income, and work on finding long-term housing. In order to reach these goals, clients need to meet weekly with their assigned Salvation Army social worker to track progress, make action plans and make adjustments to them as needed in order meet future goals.




The Emergency Homeless Shelter is a local resource designed for an extremely short term stay to meet an individual or families need for a night or two at most. Guests will receive safe and clean shelter, a warm, healthy meal and referrals for things like mental health, counseling, rehab and/or substance abuse.

The Christmas Angel Tree Program offers holiday assistance for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet and who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the holiday. Eligible and qualified families with children from Cowlitz county will receive brand new clothing, or free toys and gifts to enhance their holidays. These items come from donations and from volunteers within the community.

Volunteers and companies are always needed to keep the annual Angel Tree Program up and running for these less fortunate families. Those organizations sponsoring it will also serve as the collection point for all the donations received from the community. In addition to donated gifts, food and meals from the Salvation Army center in Longview Washington, families will be given other support to ensure a happy holiday season.

The Salvation Army Food Pantry, which is on 10th Avenue in Longview, distributes assistance to low-income, struggling families. There is also help for seniors and children in Cowlitz. Clients may receive food boxes, free hot meals and canned items. The elderly as well as disabled population are candidates to receive home delivered meals.

For seniors in the community, they are eligible to have their meal delivered. This is available throughout the county and the clients will also have access to activities and socialization at local Corps/Community Centers. In addition to that service, certain locations in Cowlitz County may provide breakfast or lunch daily at free or reduced prices.

The main center is at 1639 10th Ave, Longview, WA 98632. The phone number to call is (360) 423-3990.



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