Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County assistance programs.

Partnering with low income families, the Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County California provides a hand up to the poor and less fortunate. Case managers work with clients so they can gain self-sufficiency and maybe short term, financial assistance. A focus is on seniors, children, the unemployed and less fortunate in the region. Some of the main resources administered are below.

Seniors from the community can access a number of assistance programs and services. Most of them resolve around free or low cost meals. Examples may be the CAC’s Healthy Senior Lunch Program as well as home delivery food and meals.

Thousands of free or low cost meals are served to the homebound and elderly by CACSB and its partners. They will be both healthy and tasty. As part of this, the senior in Santa Barbara will also benefit from companionship and recreational activities. There are over 10 senior centers across the region, including in Guadalupe to Carpinteria California.

Healthy at Home is a meals on wheels type service. It is for those that have difficulty or can’t physically travel away from their homes for their food. This delivery service from Community Action Commission supports hundreds of families per year.

Other referrals may be offered to seniors for Medicare, SCSEP job training, and much more. For details, in the South County call 805.692.4979 or in the North County dial 805.925.3010.

California State Preschool and Head Start were created in an effort to give children from lower income or working poor families a meaningful start in their pursuit of growth and education. The Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County and federal government funded program is for children that range in ages from three to five. All programs that are part of Head Start are sensitive to each family’s cultural as well as ethnic heritage.

Together they focus on math skills and early reading. All of this is done and is available in the form of a safe, caring environment created by teachers and local schools. Also as part of Head Start will be nutritious, delicious meals and snacks, classes at school or in your own home, and much more.




Early Head Start is for low-income families from the region that have toddlers and infants. Help is offered to them up to age three. There are also resources for currently pregnant women. The commission and Early Head Start enhances the development of very young children, promotes healthy prenatal care for pregnant women, provides free nutritious, delicious meals and snacks, and more.

Children can also benefit from Lunch and Snack Programs. This will be free meals and the aid is extended from Head Start, the Summer Food Service Program, and also an After School Snack Program. There are fruits, vegetables, and more for those that need help. In southern Santa Barbara, dial 805.683.4458. In the northern part of the county, dial the kitchen at 805.925.3010.

Case Management is a core community action agency program. It can last for a few months. The client can work with the a case or social service manager to access resources and assistance programs in Santa Barbara. Clients can get referrals to public aid, follow-up, monitoring, state benefits and evaluation as well.

Home Energy Improvement from the CACSB community action commission can help make low-income homes cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It works by providing residents with free home weatherization and other services that ease the burden of rising utility bills. What may be offered includes appliances may be tested and, if necessary, repaired or replaced.

Weatherization can help with installing low-flow faucets and showerheads, compact fluorescent lights, weather stripping, minor household repairs, and water heater blankets too. The Santa Barbara County Community Action Commission may also offer free gas appliance testing. If your gas appliance is found unsafe, staff from the agency can replace or repair your old gas furnace or appliance. The non-profit will even install a free carbon monoxide alarm. Phone - 1-800-655-0617.




Help for paying utility bills is from the HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program. It can assist those that are struggling or that have received a disconnection notice. Grants from the federal government and CACSB tend to be for the unemployed, disabled, senior citizens that live on a fixed income, and those with children.

The main office is at 5638 Hollister Avenue, Suite 230 in Goleta, California 93117. Services are available across the county. Telephone number is (805) 964-8857.


By Jon McNamara

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