Collier County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities offers programs regardless of religion, race, age, or gender. Some of the assistance in Collier County Florida is short term in nature. It can address emergency expenses such as rent, utilities, or food. Other social services and support is more on-going and deals with self-sufficiency.

Direct assistance may be offered to families facing a crisis or hardship. This is either one time or short term in nature. Or some families may qualify for more ongoing assistance. The goal is to ensure the struggling individual or family gets the help they need to improve their lives and get back on track.

Rental assistance is offered on a temporary basis to Collier County Florida residents. The aid can help qualified families, seniors and individuals pay their rent and avoid homelessness. A grant funds this program and funds can be depleted or replenished at any time. Catholic Charities also works closely with Collier County Housing and Human Services to help the needy.

Utility bill assistance may be offered at most once per year. It can help those who would otherwise be at risk without power, such as the elderly or households with young children.

A food pantry provides groceries or food items at most once per month. Meals may also be served certain times of the year.

Prescription voucher program is available, mostly to people with a life threatening condition and who lack health insurance. A voucher may be issued by Catholic Charities to have your prescriptions from a doctor filled at a selected location or pharmacy. The medication will in effect be free.

Back-To-School programs are available during the summer and fall. Families and single parents in need of assistance can obtain school supplies for children each and every August. This can also provide clothing, uniforms, or even undergarments, such as underwear.

Meals may be served from the Catholic Charity Casa Maria Soup Kitchen. It serves hot meals to seniors, the homeless, and poor of Collier County. At the same time you receive a meal, Casa Maria may provide gently used clothing and personal hygiene support.




Catholic Charities also runs Holiday Gift and Food Programs. These can provide free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The programs are run in partnership with churches and local charities. Most of the items are donated by the community for qualified, low income and poor families. Community members also adopt both children and maybe entire families at Christmas to provide them with gifts.

Immigrants and refugees to the region can also get assistance and support. The Refugee Youth Program can help people learn a new language, parenting skills, culture, attend an education system, and acquire job skills. This, and more, is offered over time. The Catholic Charity Refugee Youth & Family program tries to make these things easier for individuals and families in Collier County. Other specific assistance offered is as follows. All of these Catholic Charity services are free to eligible Collier County immigrants and refugees.

  • English language learning and ESL classes.
  • Homework and tutoring, including help for elementary students through high school.
  • School system education/liaison.
  • Career planning services.
  • Parenting and empowerment education.
  • Field trips and cultural education.
  • Assistance in finding a job.




Another option is the Refugee Employment & Placement (REAP). After all, securing employment and gaining an income is an important step for immigrants and also resettled refugees. That will help them achieve self-sufficiency and stability as they build their new lives. The Catholic Charity REAP program provides assessment, job training, pre-screening and also on-the-job counseling. The program will also connect resettled refugees with local employers that may be hiring and that can offer qualified candidates full-time jobs with benefits. Catholic Charities works closely with other groups such as the Florida Department of Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement, and also the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Case workers also offer Immigration and Naturalization Assistance. Support is available to help people navigate and complete the necessary paperwork to obtain work authorization and legal residency. The goal is to help newcomers eventually gain U.S. citizenship. Catholic Charity staff members are familiar with all of the documents that immigrants need. They can help them complete and file proper applications and assist with any legal issues or questions that come up.

Locations of Collier County Florida Catholic Charity centers and churches

  • 2210 Santa Barbara Blvd, Naples, Florida, (239) 455-2655
  • 5251 Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples, telephone (239) 455-0520
  • 211 S 9th St, Immokalee, FL dial (239) 657-6242




By Jon McNamara

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