Clover Area Assistance Center assistance programs.

Residents of the local school district can get help from the Clover Area Assistance Center. The programs they offer are limited and focused only on the district, but many people do call the agency when they are faced with a hardship. A focus of the center is on addressing the immediate crisis and then guiding the person to long term, self-sufficiency.

Staff or volunteers from the agency respond rapidly, compassionately, and effectively to meet the needs of the York County family whenever possible. They can provide assistance or referrals to those in need who live within the boundaries of the Clover School District.

The center may have basic items such as meals, food, financial assistance to prevent evictions, educational and health services. The agency will also partner and collaborate with a number of area non-profit organizations, churches, and charities in an effort to help people bridge the gap between dependence on government or public assistance and self-sufficiency. The goal is to get people off of public aid and gain stability.

In cases where a client’s needs go beyond the scope of what they can offer and what resources allow, then they turn to the ever growing network of local partners to ensure that clients have access to the appropriate services they need. Additionally, Clover Area Assistance Center will also recognize that it is their duty to be good stewards of the limited resources they have and the generous donations they are provided. So they optimize the assistance they have and ensure it goes to only those that need it.

At CAAC, they know that it is often difficult to support an individual on wages that many people earn, and it is even harder to care for a family. While some people need short-term assistance to deal with life changes, just to get through a tough time or a crisis, others have struggled for a lifetime and need long term support.

Clover Area Assistance Center is there to help, whatever the circumstances may be, through the provision of financial assistance with basic emergency needs such as back rent; medical, dental, and vision care; free food; referrals to loan programs and financial aid for Tri-District Adult Education Center. Another key focus is offering referrals to other service providers in the district, as needed.




Please visit CAAC in person to apply for assistance, and be sure to bring along any and all required information and documentation such as proof of income, assets and expenses. The case manager may also request more supporting documentation. Funding is limited, and they receive food through the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), making it necessary to adhere to certain income-eligibility guidelines.

Clover Area Assistance goal is to give a helping hand to the less fortunate, rather than a handout. The staff and community recognize that people face financial difficulties on a regular basis, however the goal is to guide people toward independence, such as a higher paying job. Or they use outside resources for help meeting basic needs.

Staff from the non-profit will review requests and any applications for financial assistance on a case-by-case basis. When paying a portion of a client’s utility bill, the agency will work with the utility company and the client to explore all options, any payment plans and alternatives for a shut off. Similar processes are in place for other needs, such as rent.

As with all of their programs, whether food, rent, medications or energy bills, any assistance paid out depends on availability of funds and government grants. Many funders restrict the use of donations and grants in regard to how they are disbursed, so all rules need to be adhered too.

Healthcare assistance includes dental, hearing, medical and vision services provided by local practitioners and volunteer doctors. Most of the aid is focused on adults. These programs are described below.

There is low cost, or maybe even free, medical assistance to uninsured adults dealing with chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and high cholesterol. Only non-emergent care is offered due to resource constraints. The clinic services are available twice a month at a small medical center located inside Clover’s First Baptist Church, by appointment only.




A dental clinic is also available for income qualified, uninsured adults. This program began as a single-chair clinic, treating patients per week in a small room but has grown since then. Due mostly to the critical need for free and/or affordable dental care for uninsured adults in York County and surrounding communities in South Carolina, many guidelines and restrictions are in place. Applicants need to meet them in order to get dental care.

The Client Administrator from Clover Area Assistance Center accepts applications for assistance in obtaining hearing aids and eyeglasses, and this individual is involved in passing them on to the River Hills Lions Club for processing.

Self-sufficiency, education, and employment is also required. So to this end, they partner with Tri-District Adult Education in offering classes that help individuals attain life goals or employment. Clients may also need to attend a Living Basics Class (LBC), GED preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Work Keys job training, computer classes, and more. The aim is to help the person from the community become self-sufficiency and stable.

To learn more on their services, Clover Area Assistance Center is located at 1130 Highway 55 East Clover, South Carolina. As noted, the programs and support services are for the district only. The phone number is 803-222-4837.



By Jon McNamara

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