Dallas child care assistance.

If you need help paying for your child care in the Dallas Texas area, then the non-profit Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas may be able to help you. They can provide a number of Child Care Assistance resources. Services are available for qualified low to moderate income parents in the community. Several qualifications apply. Learn more on the various options available below.

Help for child care may be offered by Workforce Solutions for parents while they go to school, work at their jobs, or if they are enrolled in a job training program. Specifically, Dallas Texas families who can qualify for receiving child care assistance include the following:

  • Parent who are receiving cash assistance from the state or federal government, including those who get Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  • Families whose parents have recently stopped receiving federal government TANF benefits because of earned income may still be able to qualify too.
  • If an applicant is enrolled in a job training program such as the Workers Investment Act (WIA) or choices.
  • If you meet low income guidelines, and have a disabled child at home, then you may be able to receive child care assistance.
  • Teenagers from lower income or working poor families who need child care to attend school can receive financial help from Workforce Solutions.
  • Last, but not least, parents with low incomes who need help paying for child care so they can attend job training or continue to work may qualify for aid.

The assistance is fairly flexible and provides parents with a number of choices. For example, with the Child Care Assistance program, parents who are enrolled in this service will be able to choose which child care center their child will attend in the Dallas Texas area. Very few restrictions will apply, so parents can pick a place they are comfortable with.

Clients will also be able to work with a services specialist who will assist parents in making child care decisions based on the their financial situation, services offered, fees, hours, and ages of children accepted by licensed Dallas County child care providers that offer CCA-funded care.





In addition to using a local center, parents will also be provided with the option of selecting a relative to care for their children or a day care provider. These alternate providers do not necessarily need to be contracted to provide CCA-funded care, but financial assistance may still be provided to pay the bills. Many parent do choose someone their are comfortable with they will be certain of the quality they will receive in those cases.

Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas also works to improve the availability of child care and also maximize the quality through local initiatives with many non-profits and other organizations in the community. These other initiatives, which will both match local funds to federal government dollars, are underwriting the following types of services for the low income.

  • In-school as well as after school programs for teenage parents and their children, regardless of age.
  • After school programs and day care is offered for over 20,000 children in the area.
  • Cash subsidies and grants are distributed for ongoing education  and training for child care providers.
  • Quality initiatives for toddlers as well as infants in low income, high need areas in Dallas Texas.

Dial (214) 630-5949 for more information on Workforce Solutions child care assistance.




By Jon McNamara

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