Charlotte North Carolina area free fans and cooling assistance.

Hundreds of Charlotte North Carolina area families receive assistance during the summer from Crisis Assistance Ministry. The organization is one of the leading non-profit charity organizations in Mecklenburg County. They administer a number of resources for the needy, including free fans and assistance for paying cooling and air conditioning bills. Call (704) 371-3001.

During the hot and humid North Carolina summers, thousands of local families struggle to stay cool. Many people will face soaring utility bills, and may be faced with disconnection. Losing your power during the summer can potentially lead to serious medical conditions. Free fans and financial assistance for paying bills can help minimize any potential health care issues. Many resources are offered in partnership with Duke Energy.

Crisis Assistance Ministry has dozens of families stop by or call every day for help when the temperature soars. The hotter the weather, the more people who call. As many people are desperate to find a way to stay cool.

When those air conditioning and electricity bills greatly increase during the summer, and when it gets exceptionally hot, there are many families that need help. Nobody should be camping out in their own homes. They should always seek some type of relief.

Crisis Assistance Ministry may be able to help some qualified low income Mecklenburg County NC families during the summer. They may be able to assist in emergency cases, which will include those with utilities that are almost or already cut off. Non emergency cases may be supported too.

Case managers from the non-profit will go through the whole situation and background with the family. They will review your budget, expenses, and income, and explore different options. One of them being the fan program that operates during the summer.





Assistance is offered across the region, including in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and York County. Residents of York County can also contact the Carolina Community Actions Inc. (phone (803) 329-5195) for help during the summer. Both non-profits serve the low income, elderly, and disabled in need.

The two agencies can help people apply for government aid such as LIHEAP, they may be able to distribute fans to the needy, or other forms of financial assistance for paying cooling bills.

Most people seeking help are not repeat customers. Rather they are people coming to the non-profits us for the first time, as they are faced with an unexpected hardship such as a job loss or reduction in hours.

Both of the agencies will assess a family's needs. Some of the financial assistance programs that can pay air conditioning bills can provide up to $500 as an award. However the average amount paid will be $350. Once someone receives that disbursement from the program, that amount will be credited to your account. For many people this can pay a few months of utility bills during the summer.

They want people to ask for help early in the process, and not wait until they're disconnected.  There is assistance available in Mecklenburg County North Carolina. Applicants just have to come in to apply, and bring some proof of that emergency. In addition, they will also need to bring their ID (such as a driver’s license) and social security numbers, as well as a copy of their utility bills.

Carolina Community Actions Inc. and Crisis Assistance Ministry also work with Duke Energy. The energy provider provides funds to the agencies so that they can provide the low income with free fans.

A number of other resources are offered too. For example, at Crisis Ministry they can also help with rent and clothes in their free store. Summer lunches may be provided for children who are on break.




By Jon McNamara

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