Central Arkansas Water assistance programs.

Residential customers that meet low income guidelines established by Central Arkansas Water have programs available to them for their water bills. Several company administered resources, the Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund, donations, and other funds are combined with private grants and government assistance. The goal is to help a family that is facing a crisis and a disconnection of their water service.

Local non-profits and businesses have helped Central Arkansas Water (CAW) create and sponsor the Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund. It offers financial assistance and support to income qualified customers in need of help. The funding source for this water assistance programs comes from a number of advertising fees that local Pulaski County businesses and merchants pay to place coupon advertising on a customers billing statement. So those dollars raised are put to good use as the money goes to help the less fortunate, including seniors and families with young children, pay their bills.

The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund is one of the main programs available. Local merchants and businesses that decide to advertise with Central Arkansas Water can make a difference. Some of the money they spend will go to support and pay for The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund. The merchant can also earn the designation of Advertiser with a Heart.

By taking part in this program, together they will be able to provide valuable and money-saving coupons and discounts to central Arkansas residents. While this is occurring, they will also be able to extend a needed hand to senior citizens, families, the disabled and other individuals experiencing financial difficulty. The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund provides companies with a unique opportunity to market their services and products to over 100,000 consumer locations and help them increase customer traffic. At the same time, their dollars and contributions do help people keep their water service on as the money goes to those that are struggling.

Only residential customers can qualify for the program, and it is restricted to them. As indicated, some regional non-profits also work with Central Arkansas Water in an effort to help the poor and families with their water bills. For example, River City Ministry processes applications for customers north of the Arkansas River. Another organization to try is Watershed Human and Community Development Agency, which accepts applications for customers and families that live south of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County. Additional contact information is below.




River City Ministry (for customers north of the Arkansas River), 1021 East Washington Avenue, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Call this office at 501.376.6694. Applications are only processed one day per week.

Watershed Human and Community Development Agency is for income qualified households that live south of the Arkansas River. The office is located at 3701 Springer Drive/Confederate Boulevard, College Station/Little Rock, Arkansas. Dial 501.378.0176 for intake.

The two organizations above can often provide referrals and information on other government and non-profit assistance programs as well. They are focused on helping seniors, families, the unemployed, and others with paying their water and other bills.

Some other regional programs in Arkansas, that can be looked into further, include Neighbors Helping Neighbors as well as the Customer Assistance Fund. While these are focused more on utility bills, such as electric or heating, some funds may be offered for water accounts too. Even if you can’t find a water specific program, by getting help with these other costs, that can allow families to free up their hard earned money for paying their water bills.




By Jon McNamara

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