Assistance from Catholic Social Services.

Catholic Social Service is available to provide a hand up to people facing a difficult period in their lives. Staff at the agency understand a crisis can occur to anyone and that circumstances change. They know how difficult it can be to support an individual or an entire family or a limited income when this occurs. When a short term crisis happens, assistance may be offered in DeSoto County.

Anyone can need a little financial help to get through a challenging time. Some of what may be offered by the charity, often in partnership with other groups, are below. Income and other requirements are in place, and if an individual is not qualified, then referrals and other social services may be arranged.

  • Full client choice food pantry – This is a more efficient model, and it allow households to only select the food and groceries that they need.
  • Medical care in DeSoto County – Staff from local churches can refer low income families to medical and dental clinics.
  • Loans and financial for basic needs – Catholic Social Service may arrange funds for living expenses. Rent, partial energy bills, and other costs are paid.
  • Medical equipment, such as hearing aids and eyeglasses are offered.
  • Applications to benefits such as LIHEAP for energy bills and SSI disability as well.

Addressing lack of affordable housing is one critical human service need addressed. It is the intent of the agency to assist by coordinating essential and supportive services for those in need within the county. Clients can apply for financial help for their rent, or access stability from transitional homes or apartments.

Rental security and utility deposits are allocated as part of rehousing for the purpose of helping residents obtain safe, decent affordable apartments. This can help pay for units that that might otherwise be unavailable to them due to those high up front expenses. Catholic Social Services will try to help low income individuals/families that are homeless or at risk of becoming evicted as a result of their inability to pay costs on time.

In order to apply for financial assistance, Catholic Social Service will require that every person who applies be able to provide the information necessary to qualify for help. This will include income and more. Much of what is offered carry restrictions as to its use. All funds from the agency, and available anywhere in the state of Mississippi, are limited, so Catholic Social Service is bound to following certain income eligibility guidelines. The application process is done in person.




Each application is reviewed and also verified on a case-by-case basis. When Catholic Social Service is involved in helping to pay a portion of a bill or rent expenses, the church is only able to assist the person whose name appears on the lease or bill. Also, the aid is a last resort, and they will also require the family to have tried to find some type of alternative arrangements for payment.

Veterans' Services involve trying to ensure the person has all the benefits they are legally entitled too. Staff will work to serve as the client's advocate when filing a valid claim with the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). They will advise the individual to help them obtain maximum benefits from the federal government.

Catholic Social Service staff as well as volunteers will try to educate the client regarding benefits while providing assistance to increase the household's ability to be self-sufficient in handling their own issues with the VA. There will be workshops and outreach sessions held, and the organization will also try to support dependents, widows, and survivors to assist in their claim.

Medical support is arranged too. Local clinics are able to provide medical or dental assistance to those uninsured adults or even children. Patients in DeSoto County can get support in dealing with chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, flu, high blood pressure, asthma and high cholesterol. Prescription eye eyeglasses and hearing aids can be applied too.

Due mostly to the limited access to medical equipment as well as volunteer doctors or nurses, only non-emergent care can be provided. All clinics are by appointment only, and some operate on a sliding fee scale. Some of these resources, such as eyeglasses, are arranged with partners such as the Lions Club.

For information, residents can dial (662) 781-1360. Or the main church is located at 6050 Highway 161 North Walls, Mississippi 38680.



By Jon McNamara

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