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Mississippi uninsured health care programs and free health insurance.

Get information on free healthcare programs as well as health insurance policies for uninsured residents as well as low income families who live in Mississippi. Families have access to several state and federal government sponsored medical assistance programs. Additional resources are offered by regional non-profit organizations as well, often in partnership with the state.

In order to receive help, you will need to call one or more of the following organizations in Mississippi. Each will have their own application process in place and patients will need to meet all qualifications in order to get free government health insurance or low cost care. In general, they will include the individual needs to be low income, have limited health insurance coverage, or they need to be completely uninsured. If a government agency can't assist you then they will refer you to other options including free community clinics near you in Mississippi.

Government and charities medical programs in Mississippi as well as free health insurance policies

Mississippi Drug Assistance Program for AIDs patients, or ADAP, is available for uninsured individuals who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This is offered nationwide and it is for those individuals that do not have private insurance or are not covered by government programs, such as Medicaid. Dial 800-826-2961.

Medicaid is offered to very low income families as well as households living in poverty in Mississippi. Medicaid can cover the uninsured too. This is a free government health insurance plan. It can help pay medical bills, cover doctor bills or visits, pay for prescription drugs, as well as other costs. It can also pay for hospital visits and provide free health insurance for pregnant women. For details or to apply, dial 800-421-2408.

Free cancer detection for women is offered for cervical and breast screening. The state may coordinate services such as Pap exam and mammography screening. There are qualifications to these. In addition, they cover women who range in age from 40 to 64. It is offered for a female with no Medicaid, private insurance, Medicare or other reimbursements. Exceptions can be made for individuals who are faced with certain conditions or financial situations. Mississippi will offer annual screening and/or diagnostic mammograms as well as follow-up and referral to specialists. Call 601-576-7466 for details.




Children can sign up for CHIP, or the Children's Health Insurance Plan. This is free government, public health insurance coverage for low to moderate income children who are uninsured or under insured under the age of 19. Costs paid for include prescriptions, doctor visits, mental health services, immunizations, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, lab/x-ray, vision and hearing services, dental care, and more. Main number is 877-543-7669. Or learn more on health care coverage from CHIP.

Medical and surgical care is offered to the disabled and kids with a chronic medical condition from the Children's Medical Program. It is only offered to the very young and infants. The program can provide for pediatric specialty care (including inpatient); some prescription drugs; braces and other equipment; dental care and corrections; nutrition; and referrals. If the condition is very serious get information on local specialists in the community. 800-844-0898

Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, or the Mississippi EPSDT resource, is for children and teenagers up to the age of 21. It is a free health care program for Medicaid eligible children and it will provide comprehensive medical care. Qualified individuals can receive a complete periodic physical exam; development exam (walk, talk, etc.); hearing/vision exams and tests; immunizations; and more. 800-421-2408

Health Coverage Tax Credit from the so called Bridge Program. The state will pay for over 50% of your health insurance premiums while the patient waits for Federal HCTC approval. It is offered for those who have lost their jobs as maybe their position was outsourced to an overseas employer. Dial 877-341-2555 to learn more.

The Mississippi Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) is federal government funded and organized medical care for patients with pre-existing health condition. In order to apply for this free health insurance coverage, you can't have had insurance the last 6 months, and you also need to be out of all other options. The state of Mississippi works with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in order to offer this coverage across the state. Consumers will have a few different plans to select, each of which offers its own form of insurance coverage. Fees and premiums are also due from the patient. Primary phone number is 866-717-5826.

State of MS Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP) is a free service for anyone (1) on Medicare or (2) that wants to learn about it. Medicare is a free federal government insurance plan for senior citizens and the disabled. Learn about payment plans for Medicare Part  A or B, transportation, counseling, prescription drug assistance including in the "donut hole" or Medigap coverage, private insurance plans and more. Call SHIP at 601-359-4500. Or find other resources including elderly and retiree prescription drug health plans.

Mississippi Family Caregiver Support Program is for the homebound and disabled. The federal government will give the funds or grants to pay for homecare. There may be respite care, medications, transportation given to caregiver, training and more. The goal is to keep low income and vulnerable homebound people safe. Phone 601-359-4500.







TBI/SCI is for people who have experienced a Traumatic Brain or Spinal Cord Injury. Funds are intended to help the individual continue to live at home and not to be sent to some form of nursing hospital or non-profit. Money can pay for respite, attendant care, supplies, and other needed items. 800-421-2408.

The state's Vaccines for Children Program can provide children from qualified families with low cost or maybe even free vaccines. It is offered for uninsured children, newborns, and infants from under or uninsured. All of the medications are distributed to clinics and other health centers in the region. Common diseases and ailments are supported by the VCP program. Dial 601-576-7751 in order to sign up or get more information.


By Jon McNamara

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