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A leading non-profit charity in Oregon is Care to Share. The organization works to provide emergency financial assistance to income qualified residents that are struggling. The group works with local churches, government agencies, and non-profits in an effort to help the less fortunate.

The main goal of Care To Share is to offer short term assistance to individuals and families that are seeking emergency food, utility bill help and other basic needs. The objective is to assist low income people and families through crisis situations. Many referrals are offered by the organization and they will connect them with other regional services or public assistance if needed.

Utility assistance may be offered for bills including heating, water, and electric. The main services provided by the organization are noted below.

Heating bill assistance and grants may be offered by Oregon Heat. This resource will have limited funding and restrictions in place. Oregon Heat is another regional charity organization that serves the state including the greater Portland area. When possible, the group may offer assistance to clients who are out of fuel, facing shut-off , or that have already had their power disconnected.

Water bill assistance may be provided by Care To Share. The agency administers assistance to clients in danger of being shut-off. If your water has already been disconnected then you may qualify for help too. All funding will be provided by Tualatin Valley Water District, City of Beaverton, and Clean Water Service Employees.

Note that not all expenses and bills can be covered by Care to Share. For example, they won’t offer rental assistance, transportation costs, school supplies, cash, bus tickets, motel room vouchers or reimbursement for medical costs.

Food may be offered by local pantries, churches, and other groups. Care to Share will often have information on these locations in Multnomah County and Portland. Most of the local charities may have enough food or groceries to last a few days. Call 503-591-9025 for information or referrals.




When it comes to food and groceries their primary service and function is to offer intake for telephone requests for emergency food. The organization will then refer the caller to a nearby church for pick-up or delivery. The local Beaverton and Portland churches will then use their volunteers to assist in deliveries and distribution of the free food or meals at their locations.

Another option is after hours food or maybe a hot meal. This is available at the Hillsboro Family Shelter, 210 SE 12th Ave. This particular shelter is located next to the MAX line. For those that are low income and homeless and need a family style meal, Faith Café is an option. This particular site is Beaverton, Bethel Congregational Church at 5150 SW Watson Ave., Beaverton Oregon. Another option is a free lunch which can be served at St Matthew Lutheran Church, 10390 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton. Or inquire into emergency food services at Christ's Table in Cedar Mill Bible Church located at 12208 NW Cornell Rd., Portland, OR 97229.

Many part of Beaverton and Multnomah County are supported by Care to Share. The organization focuses it assistance and resources on Beaverton, Aloha, and Portland Oregon area residents that meet income limits and other criteria. Tens of thousands of dollars in funds will be passed out yearly in partnership with local churches and pantries. They will also provide thousands of dollars for water, heating, and other utility bills.

While not everyone will qualify for help, referrals may also be offered. To learn more, call Care to Share. For food, dial 503-591-9025. Utility help call 503-726-0407. Or the water program can be reached at 503-924-3129.



By Jon McNamara

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