Locate public assistance in Cameron County.

The two main public assistance programs administered in Cameron County Texas include health care and food from WIC. The social service agency can provide information on both of these, and help people apply for this aid. In addition the Cameron County organization can provide details on a number of other government resources and services, including energy bill assistance from LIHEAP, weatherization, food stamps, and section 8 vouchers. All of these government funded programs are targeted at the low income and less fortunate in the community.

Indigent Health Care is provided in Cameron County from Valley Baptist Medical Center. The local social service office partners with the center. The country contracted with them so they can provide free or low cost health care to those patients that meet certain income guidelines. Indigent Health Care Services will ensure that care is high quality, low cost, and will help people of all backgrounds receive the medical and dental care they need.

WIC can provide food, groceries, and other supplements. The primary and number one goal of the state of Texas publicly funded WIC Program is to give the vulnerable children in Cameroon County Texas the best possible start and the greatest chance for success. This occurs by providing clients of WIC with optimal nutrition during the critical stages, which include both fetal as well as early childhood development. The social service agency in Cameroon County Texas is strongly committed to serving as many eligible low income and other qualified infants, women, and their children as possible. Food, groceries, public assistance, and other nutritional support and public assistance is offered to qualified people.

Cameron County fully realizes that pregnant women who receive prenatal care and who eat nutritious foods are more likely to deliver healthy babies and children. The fact is that babies who start off on the right path, including receiving iron-fortified formula, build a foundation for lifelong health and increased intellectual potential. Children who eat appropriate nutritious foods are also primary beneficiaries.

County and government supplied food, when combined with WIC nutrition education, healthy foods, and access to medical care and other social service programs, promotes a better quality of life for Cameroon County children. These various public assistance programs support the development and growth of children in the community.





In addition to WIC, low income families can also apply for SNAP food stamps. This federal resource will provide clients in Cameron County Texas with the means to buy groceries. A number of job finding and employment services are also administered by the SNAP food stamp program.

WIC and food stamps have several eligibility criteria that need to be met. Priority is given to pregnant women, low income children, breastfeeding women, and infants. Oftentimes a family who receives food stamps must be working, or actively looking for a job.

In addition to the various programs referenced above, the county can also refer people, and help them apply to the low income home energy assistance (LIHEAP), section 8 vouchers, and weatherization.

Maternal and Child Health Program is offered to the very low income and uninsured by the Cameron County Department of Health and Human Services. This is a preventative health care program that takes a pro-active approach to dealing with medical issues and bills. The county will do its best and strive to assist qualified families, seniors and children in maintaining optimum health care, including offering education and assistance. The various services are open to anyone in the community regardless of age, marital status, income, sex, or ability to pay their medical bills.

Call (956) 247-3685 to reach Cameron County social services. The contact information for the medical resources are below.




Public health clinics in Cameron County Texas

All of the sites and health centers that low income and uninsured patients can contact are listed below.

  • Harlingen Public Health Clinic, 711 N. "L" St., Harlingen, Texas 78550, phone (956) 423-3516. You need to make an appointment.
  • Mary P. Lucio Health Center, 1204 Jose Colunga, Jr. Dr., Brownsville, Texas 78521, call (956) 574-8745
  • Father Joseph O'Brien Health Clinic, 142 Champion Drive, Port Isabel, Texas 78578, dial the center at (956) 943-1300
  • San Benito Public Health Clinic, 1390 W. Expressway 83, San Benito, Texas 78586, dial (956) 247-3646 for hours and more information.


By Jon McNamara

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