Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Butler County Pennsylvania.

The Salvation Army Service Center in Butler County provides help in an emergency. It combines crisis assistance along with long term case management as well as referrals. Social workers try to provide funds for housing needs (such as rent or utility bills), food from a pantry, school supplies, and other aid in an emergency. But what is available in Butler varies based on the needs of the applicant and available resources.

The location is part of the regional network in western Pennsylvania. Many of the Salvation Army centers combine their programs in an effort to help as many struggling families as possible. While they are a faith based group, anyone with proof of need may be assisted.

Housing programs available from the Family Caring Center include shelter, transitional housing, and information on rental assistance. Another common need is for utility help, and specifically heating bills during the cold Butler County winter. The Salvation Army organizes programs around that as well, and can provide some of their own money or offer referrals to LIHEAP and other social services.

The Butler County Salvation Army service center focuses on homeless prevention. They try to take a pro-active approach to this. While it can be expensive to keep a family in their current home, it is better for the applicant and “cheaper” to society than to pay for rehousing. Or it costs more to address other issues that may result from homelessness, such as malnutrition, low self-esteem, and more.

Any applications for financial aid for rent or energy bills also go through a one on one interview. This is done to give the person log term support from a case management approach. A holistic approach is taken by the Salvation Army to assist the Butler County family. Everything from budget as well as debt counseling is used along with referrals.

Hot meals and food assistance is available at the Butler County Salvation Army. This too is an emergency program to prevent hunger. Whether it is a bag of groceries from the pantry, or a hot lunch, support is given. The food programs are part of Round-Up for the Hungry, and depend on partnerships with stores in Butler Pennsylvania such as Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle. Another service for students in the Backpack Feeding Program for Children.





Clothing and medication vouchers, as well as free winter coats for children from Project Bundle Up, help families living in poverty. Of particular focus is on low to moderate income households with children, including single moms. Clients can be given a voucher to offset some of the cost of clothes, prescription drugs, vision care, and other basic needs.

Butler County Salvation Christmas assistance is available from Treasures for Children, sometimes called the Angel Tree. After an interview takes place with the applicant, the family with children under the age of 13 may be found qualified. They will be able to take part in this donation program.

Local churches, businesses, non-profits, and others contribute toys to the Treasures for Children. The presents are then given to children for free. It may be games, clothing, boots, hats, toy trucks for boys, and much more.

Other emergency social services are also available. The Salvation Army is involved in Harbor Light, which provides support those trying to address drug or alcohol challenges. There may be lodging and counseling given to them.

The Salvation Army also provides disaster relief in Butler County. This addresses everything from fires to floods or even major snowstorms. Whether it is a meal, or voucher for clothing or furniture, support is given.




Similar to the Angel Tree concept is the Butler County Pennsylvania back to school drive. This also uses donations from the community to give teenagers and even younger kids items such as uniforms, backpacks, free school supplies, and much more. The Salvation Army works with local charities on collecting donations.

There may be other resources available for qualified, low income households in the community. Senior citizens are also given priority for support. The Butler Worship and also Service Center is headquartered at 313 West Cunningham Street, Butler, PA 16003. For more details on the services, dial 724-287-5532.


By Jon McNamara

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