Brazoria County public assistance and social services.

When facing a short term hardship, the the social services department in Angelton may be able to provide applications to public aid and benefits. All resources from the government are limited, and are targeted at very low income residents of the county. However, the department and its social workers may be able to help with programs such as food stamps, childcare, LIHEAP, and much more.

During the fall, winter, and spring months, the LIHEAP - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is the main resource for paying heating bills., however it is called CEAP in Texas. Not only can families contact social services for information or applications, but local community action agencies can also provide intake to this.

For those that qualify, in particular senior citizens and the disabled, they will be provided with a grant that can be used for paying utility bills. In some cases an applicant will be provided a free fan to help cool their home during the summer, in lieu of a cash grant. The funds are available for both tenants and homeowners in Brazoria County, and the money can be spread out over the course of the year. For customers with a shut off notice from their gas or electric company, a crisis component of LIHEAP is available to deal with the emergency.

There is a general assistance program also available in the county, mostly from non-profits and other key partners. It is for unusual circumstances, such as for the disabled or those with an exceptional crisis. Funds can be used for paying a limited number of approved bills and expenses, and it may be for food, rent to stop homelessness, or maybe any needed prescription medications. This is a temporary public aid programs and all resources are limited.

The government will subsidize child care expenses as well. This is generally for the very low income, including parents on TANF. The applicant needs to be working or in job training, and there is some flexibility given to the parent in selecting their provider in the county, and it can be in a center or home based day care.

This is strictly funded by federal funds, with some additional support provided by the state. Vouchers may be used to pay a portion of the child care bills, and the parent needs to pay the balance. However, there can be some very limited exceptions in Brazoria County, and it may be for situations in which the parent is in the hospital, ill, or facing a crisis. There can also be help given to caretakers, such as a grandparent or uncle taking care of a child that is not theirs. So there is some flexibility in how this service is administered.




The county has public assistance and benefits for the disabled and senior citizens as well. This ranges from such things as SSI disabled applications to information on Medicare health care. So the county will focus in particular on the vulnerable medical needs, and this can even include transportation to a doctor or hospital.

Most people that receive public assistance in the county will need to participate in services from the Employment Center, or One Stop location. This is where they can enroll into educational and job training classes, and the services administered are wide ranging. Specialists and volunteers from the county will help the client find employment in Brazoria or nearby counties.

Also, many local private and non-profit businesses partner with  the Social Service Department and the employment center in an effort to help grow and improve their workforce. They too may be seeking new skilled employees for positions they have, so the local businesses may be able to hire the person.

Applications for food stamps, the program created by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services, are available. In fact, this is the region’s main public benefit and thousands of local families, many facing poverty, are enrolled in it.

Assistance from SNAP is in the form of a voucher or debit card, and the client needs to use it to shop for groceries or food items at their local retailer. In many cases, the food stamps are combined with case management and job placement services.




There are several other benefits available from Brazoria County. Some examples, include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Medical assistance – This can be met by Medicaid or other state funded health insurance plans. Texas also provides CHIP program for children and teenagers.
  • Cash assistance, or grants, may be part of TANF in Brazoria County. This financial aid can help the working poor with paying for everyday needs, ranging from rent to food and medical costs.
  • Child development – Referrals are available to programs such as Head Start or free school lunches, which is available in partnership with the USDA.
  • Refugee and immigrant resettlement services.
  • Homeless prevention – Using federal government HUD funds, the county of Brazoria may either be able to help with paying a security deposit on a new, low income home or assist with rental costs in an emergency.
  • Food – Many other resources are available, ranging from WIC for children and new mothers to meals and food for seniors.

For more details, the main social service office is in the county seat of Angleton, and can be reached at 1-877-541-7905.



By Jon McNamara

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