Boulware Mission housing programs.

Individuals that are very low income and faced with either imminent eviction or homelessness may be able to find assistance from Boulware Mission programs. The charity is focused on the truly poor, and they operate in Hancock, Daviess, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union, and Webster County.

Various housing services are available, including for those with special needs. So this may be the disabled or people with a mental illness or addition. However, most of the support is for individuals faced with a short term crisis, such as maybe unexpected unemployment. The main programs from Boulware Mission are noted below.

  • Emergency housing - Clients can learn about local shelters in the region, including Daviess, Hancock, or Union Counties.
  • Educational assistance - Boulware Mission helps clients work towards GED with partners such as KCTCS. There is Tutoring, Financial Management and literacy, budgeting classes, and savings from Individual Development Accounts.
  • Job placement services in Kentucky - Specialists assist with Resume Writing/Completing Applications, job searches, and of course Retention. A decent paying ob allows people to pay their bills and rent, and this is key to ending homelessness.
  • Health care / education - Boulware works with clinics and doctors to offer the homeless General Health and Wellness, check ups, and basic immunizations.
  • General case management services range from the creation of an Individualized Service Plan to Faith Based Services or Counseling.
  • Transitional housing - Those who work towards stability may be placed into more mid term housing.
  • Drug and Alcohol Education is for the homeless that are batting an addiction. Get help with Relapse Prevention, Behavioral Education, and Disease Concepts.
  • Life Skills Development - This touches upon things such as Problem Solving or Decision Making.

When someone seeks help, in most cases an intake process occurs. The client will more than likely be assigned to a case manager as part of a partnership arrangement. They will review and identify the root cause of the eviction or homelessness. Once this has been identified, the case manager from Boulware Mission develops an individual plan of action for the individual who is struggling, which addresses that challenge. Much of what is listed above will be offered to the client.




However, even more support is offered by the Mission and its partners. They will also offer clients access to a myriad of housing and self-sufficiency programs. They can address mental and physical health, help solve the effects of addiction on the family, and spiritual issues.

For those facing unlawful eviction, there are free legal clinics in regions such as Webster or McLean. Other workshops help with overall financial literacy and help clients address education or job training needs. In addition to local churches, other key partners of Boulware Mission include the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Once a client has addressed most of the issues that caused their homeless, there may be grants available from the federal government for paying some housing expenses. The ESG program can help with security deposits, first months rent, or maybe even moving costs. Boulware Mission may have information on this program and other forms of financial aid in Kentucky.

Battling homelessness and ending the cycle of poverty is an ongoing battle. It encompasses everything from family disintegration to low educational achievements. People from the community can also get help in dealing with physical health issues and support on problem solving and coping skills. The goal is to help someone achieve long term stability in their lives.

For more information, the office is at 609 Wing Avenue, Owensboro, Kentucky 42303, call 270-683-8267.



By Jon McNamara

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