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Find details from the Info Line on a number of programs in the Bernalillo County region that can asisst families living in poverty. There is a free referral line established that residents can dial. Information in provided on Senior Citizen Services and Disability Programs, Resources for Basic Needs, Medical and Mental Health programs, and Job Training/Education.

With tens of thousands of Albuquerque New Mexico families living in poverty, and others that face a one time crisis, the Info Line can guide the caller to charities that offer free financial help or other government support services. There are many agencies to turn to for assistance.

Programs focused on medical needs or seniors

The Senior Center facility in Bernalillo County provides clients with opportunities as well as basic needs, such as a hot meal. Everything provided is done so in an effort to enhance a senior's quality of life as well as long term independence. Info Line Support Services may refer people to its partners, which may arrange for the following.

  • Health screenings and help in applying for Medicare or the Affordable Care Act.
  • Field trips in Bernalillo County as well as seniors can work with their peers on arts and crafts activities.
  • Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services will also referral to other charities, free food pantries, resources that offer financial assistance, and local social services agencies.

Many senior citizens can also use hands-on support from a staff member. Maybe they have questions on financial aid or other public benefits. Therefore staff from the Info Line will try to offer assistance in completing government forms and applications to these services.

SSI payments may be for Disabled Adults. There are a few ways to access money for paying for basic needs. They include Aid to the Needy Disabled, Aid to the Blind, SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). To apply, the following need to be met.




  • The applicant must be disabled for at least six months, as documented through a form completed by a physician.
  • Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services requires proof how the disability prevents the applicant from working.
  • The doctor most state the nature and expected duration of the disability.

All applicants must apply for SSI benefits, and the amount of financial help paid out is limited. Also, those who are approved for SSI are required to reimburse any funds received if the application turns out to be fraudulent.

Learn about financial help from Info Line Support Services

Emergency assistance is available via referrals from Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services Housing Crisis Response. Any type of grant is limited and the funds paid out by the non-profit affiliated agencies in the Albuquerque area are based on individual need. The focus is on homeowners or tenants that are in danger of losing their homes.

This service is not an emergency shelter program or a resource connected with Section 8 Housing Assistance. However the Info Line team still works toward the goal of ending homelessness in Bernalillo County and providing housing security for those in need.

The non-profit helps qualified households either maintain their current housing by offering rent or energy bills help. It also can arrange foreclosure counseling. Staff can also help people find new, more stable housing in Bernalillo County. To qualify for a free financial help in the form of a grant or no interest rate loan, applicants must be homeless or at-risk, meaning that they are about to be evicted or foreclosed upon, or they are already without a place to live, as determined by the case manager.

The Summer Crisis Program from LIHEAP is for cooling and air conditioning bills. Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services can help people apply for LIHEAP which can offsets high electricity costs associated with the summer cooling season. To be eligible for funds, the applicant must be 60 years of age or older or disabled. The applicant will also need to show documentation of a medical condition that affects their breathing.





The medical clinics that are part of the Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services database provides health care for impoverished county residents. Staff from the county coordinate a group of volunteers that includes a surgeon, an internist, doctors, a pharmacist, nurses, medical students, medical assistants, office clerks and a receptionist.

Services provided vary by clinic. They include acute care, minor surgery, HIV testing, and access to pharmaceutical support and medical programs. A diabetic center; ear, nose and throat clinic; one that focuses on offering free dental care, and women’s clinic are also available. Many other medical needs can be met by these centers as well. If needed, referrals are made to specialists. Appointments for the medical clinic are made by phone.

Information on job and self-sufficiency programs in Bernalillo County

Many local agencies use federal government funds to break the cycle of poverty. There are the following Employment and Training Services from Bernalillo County Info Line Support Services.

WIA - Workforce Investment Act is employment-related training for the general population. It is for the unemplyoed in Bernalillo County as well as those with barriers to employment. Also, those individuals with specific problems that prevent them from finding self-supporting employment may be considered for more intensive services, such as case management from a specialist and training.

WIA in general is Self-service. It is offered to anyone over the age of 18 and it includes the use of the Internet to search for jobs and information about the labor market. It is federally funded.

There is also the Senior Aide/Title V Program. This will help residents over the age of 55 gain work experience and on-the-job training at community service organizations. The objective is to provide seniors with an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills that will lead to jobs in the community.

Some of the clients over the age of 55 may qualify for paid occupational skills training or on-the-job training with private employers in Albuquerque. This Senior Aide program also includes case management and assistance with eliminating barriers to employment.




Residents under the age of 21 can enroll in the Youth Program. This will give them job training as well as leadership development. Other services from Bernalillo County Info Line range from decision-making support, mentoring, and supportive services.

The Info Line contains extensive information on social services in the Bernalillo County community. All of the information is free, and the details above are just a sampling of what is available. Call (505) 245-1735 for referrals.


By Jon McNamara

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