Benton County Oregon assistance.

Some of the financial help in Benton County includes money for paying rent, free food or clothes, utility bill assistance from government agencies, medical care, and more. The leading organizations to apply at, whether they are churches, charities, or government agencies, are listed below. Each will offer some form of free advice or financial aid, grants, offer job placement or gasoline vouchers and give other support to low income families.

Benton County legal aid

Legal Aid Services of Oregon ensures that all people have fair and equal access to an attorney, even if you can’t afford to pay one. Lawyers and legal professionals ensure fair and equal justice for all in Corvallis and the low-income communities of Oregon. They achieve this goal by providing a full range of the highest quality free civil legal services to those in need. Dial 541-928-5323 to learn more or to ask for help. Or click here for more information of free legal aid in Oregon.

Social services

Philomath Community Services is a United Way funded charity that provides a variety of needed social services and low income assistance programs to members of the local community. They accomplish this by offering aid through the food bank, baby bank and diapers, gleaners program and holiday gift basket program and assistance. Call them at 541-929-2499.




The Vina Moses Center provides free or low cost, gently used clothing to adults and children of low to moderate income families at no cost. The program places emphasis is on school clothes for children, work clothes and attire, and appropriate clothing for job search for adults in the community.

Health clinic and medical care

Patients can contact the Yachats Community Health Clinic to receive access to high quality, low cost and very affordable health care. The services and health care programs offered are for the people who live in the greater Yachats area. The agency can provide direct or referral services based on the patients medical need or condition. Qualified doctors, nurses, and medical professionals provide service. Call them at 753-1420.





Get free foreclosure and housing counseling

The Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services offers various housing, mortgage and foreclosure programs. Get advice on buying a home for the first time, information on rehabilitation programs, and other aid. Their foreclosure assistance program can be reached at 541-752-7220, ext. 305. Or click here to learn more about Oregon foreclosure assistance programs.

Programs that offer financial assistance

The Benton County Salvation Army, which can be reached at (541) 928-4774, runs a family services program which is responsible for providing Low-Income Seniors, the unemployed, struggling Families and Individuals with help. The working poor can apply for Emergency Aid or loans for paying bills such as utility and rent expenses, food, clothing vouchers, and other assistance. More on the Benton County Oregon Salvation Army.

Benton and Corvallis Love provides basic needs, such as food or free school supplies. The churches and volunteers that are part of the charity may have referrals to financial aid from their Clearinghouse service. Other items from the Love Ministries may be baby supplies, holiday meals, basic groceries, and more. The faith based group is focused on the less fortunate and poo in the region, including seniors or the disabled. Continue reading.

The local non-profit community action agency, Community Services Consortium, also offers numerous resources and free services to Corvallis and Benton County families, including those listed below.




Thousands of people each and every year receive heating and utility bill assistance from a host of programs including Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP),  Oregon Heat and Energy Assistance, Oregon Low Income Gas Assistance Program (OLGA), as well as programs offered by Pacific Power and NW Natural Gas.

Rent and homeless prevention programs are also offered. These rental assistance programs may provide qualified renters and homeowners with up one to three months of housing and/or utility bill co-payments. Counselors will also work with the individual in identifying barriers to self-sufficiency and provide free advice.

Another resource offered is job search assistance. This program provides for the access to local, regional, and national job listings for people who are seeking employment. Learn about state of Oregon and federal government openings. Also get information about both local and nation employment trends. Interviewing techniques and advice, as well as resume review services are also offered.

Call the Community Services Consortium at (541) 752-1010 to learn more about these or other assistance programs.




By Jon McNamara

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