Baton Rouge public and government assistance programs.

Residents that are struggling and meet very low income guidelines may qualify for public assistance from Baton Rouge Parish Department of Children & Family Services. The parish provides financial aid for a number of needs, most of which are funded by the federal government or state of Louisiana. There is a strong focus on helping children, senior citizens, and the disabled in East Baton Rouge Parish, however anyone can explore their programs.

Food stamps, now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is the region’s main hunger fighting resource. There can be help provided in the form of vouchers or EBT cards, and the benefits from the parish government can be used to buy food, groceries, and other items needed by qualified families.

In many cases, individuals that are able to enroll into SNAP will also automatically qualify for other public assistance, such as telephone discounts from Lifeline or TANF cash assistance. So the state of Louisiana combines different services in an effort to assist the disadvantaged in Baton Rouge.

Disabled as well as seniors can receive financial support from Social Security, also known as SSI. There are a few different components available, and they include SSDI for the disabled as well as retirement benefits for the elderly. Food assistance is also offered to the disabled in Baton Rogue as part of LaCAP. There are other public aid programs operated by the social security administration, and the parish DCFS can direct residents to them or help answer questions.

Medicaid is a form of health care assistance that is funded by both the state and the federal government. There may be special services for people that meet certain conditions as well, such as pregnant women, children, or the disabled.

For those that meet these income and other program terms, not only can it pay for certain qualified medical bills, but it also addresses home care, bathing, and other needs for seniors and the less fortunate. Baton Rouge Parish Department of Children & Family Services can provide information on this public health insurance program and also help the low income and people facing poverty apply for it.




Government health insurance for the elderly is available as part of Medicare. This is an option for senior citizens and in some cases the disabled. While the conditions and terms will vary over time, there may be public assistance for medications, outpatient care, and standard checks. Medicare can also help with paying for prescription drugs, and this is available through different components of it.

The parish government can also provide information on different government housing resources, such as section 8 vouchers or public housing. While these often have a waiting list due to demand, they can be an option for families that satisfy the very low income levels that are in place. There may also be certain rental assistance programs available as well for targeted individuals, and one of them is SSVF for veterans in East Baton Rogue.

Cash aid is provided as part of the Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP). This is for very low income families in East Baton Rogue Parish, and the funds can be used to pay for basic living needs.

WIC, or Nutrition for Women, Infants and Children, is for both newborn babies as well as pregnant moms. Using government funds, this was created as a special supplemental nutrition program to ensure clients receive the support they need for a healthy lifestyle. Vouchers may be provided so women can use them to buy free baby formula, meals, food, and similar items.

Different Jobs programs and services are administered for people on public assistance. The state and staff from DCFS of Baton Rogue all have the goal of helping qualified participants of any financial aid to find stability though employment. A major reason for this is that any benefits from the state are time limited, and they will also require individuals to work towards stability.

For more information on these resources or other benefits, stop by a parish office at 627 N. Fourth St., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802. Or dial 1-888-524-3578. If an individual is not qualified, then the parish may have referrals to other potential assistance programs for addressing the issue at hand.




By Jon McNamara

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