Financial support from Ballard Community Services.

Participants of the programs run by Ballard Community Services may be able to receive help from a wide number of assistance programs. Most of them are available at the Penn House, as this is the primary intake site for their Human Services.

Among them include an on site food bank and clothing closet. More emergency type programs include a short term shelter. Also, when a Lawrence Kansas resident is faced with homelessness, then emergency funds may be provided for everything from paying a portion of back rent to overdue energy bills. A strict application process is in place and all funding is limited.

The Ballard Community Services food pantry provides very short-term assistance. The surplus as well as donated grocery items are can help those residents that are struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their family. Receiving an occasional box of food from the pantry will help the household free up their income for other bills. So it will help a household in Douglas County bridge the gap in their household budget.

Based on donation levels, there may be non-perishable food, such as rice, cereal, and beans passed out. Some special needs may be met too, such as free baby formula and items for special dietary needs. In some cases, free Gift Cards are passed out, and these will allow clients to meet the specific dietary needs of their family which may include managing food allergies. There is even a free diaper program for Douglas County. The pantry will help each client once every few months or so.

The pantry that is operated by Ballard Community Services utilizes donations of non-perishable food. They also hold fund raisers in the community to help fill the pantry. Or that can be local church groups that also assist with the demand in the region. Ballard Community Services will always have the need for further contributions. So additional donations and volunteers are needed to make sure clients receive the food they need as promised.

Ballard Community Services clothing closet is open during some periods of the year as well. The location, which is at the Penn House, may provide for the free distribution of items, especially for students and job seekers. The objective of the center is to ensure that a family's basic clothing needs are met. There is a special service called Suitable Work Clothes for those seeking employment.




The staff on site will provide material goods that will help clients boost their educational or job potential. There may be coats, work attire, shoes, backpacks for students, and more. The clothing closet will focus on the needy and homeless in the community.

Family Shelter is used to offer temporary housing to the homeless. There is a special focus on veterans as well as children from the community. Guests will also be able to enroll into various supportive services.

Counseling is arranged as well. The The Ballard Community Services case management process at the shelter at the Penn House will help people come to terms with the reasons behind their homelessness. They will be able to apply for non-profit and government resources, which may help them secure permanent housing. So there may also be government funding for expenses such as a security deposit or first months rent too. The process will also help the client develop plans that will help them maintain any new housing they move into.

A women's refuge program is available too. This may offer food, emergency housing, and related support services. Participants receive access to some basic living supplies, such as food or clothing. The counseling given to women from Douglas County Kansas is listed below as well. So those programs are for both seniors and Ballard Community Services will also support women from the region.

Some of the case management process will include Life Skills Coaching, including Success Planning, access to Primary Health Care Services, Housing Relocation Assistance, Transportation and Laundry Services, Alcohol & Drug Recovery Support and Education, and more. Other resources may be Job Referrals, Assistance with Clothing, Shoes, and Housewares, and free advice to clients. All of this is offered to the Ballard Community Services shelter guests.

Help from Ballard for bills and living expenses

Emergency financial aid for rental costs and utility bills can sometimes be offered too. Much of this is due to funding received through Douglas County and state of Kansas sources. Any recipient will not receive cash benefits, but instead the money is paid to their landlord or utility company. Any funding from Ballard Community Services is also very limited, and some clients are also given a loan in place of cash.





All applicants for a grant from Ballard Community Services must be on the verge of homelessness. Also, the funds will only pay for a portion of their overdue rent or energy bill. So the family can use this support for some help, but they also need to contribute a major portion of it as well.

The organization is also an intake site for Warm Hearts Heat Assistance. This will help qualified low income and working poor families keep their heat on during the winter. Grants are used for various heating sources, including gas or electricity.

Applicants for financial aid need to enroll into Employment Case Management as well. Ballard Community Services staff will arrange for one on one support. This will be for anyone that is applying for a grant. Classes arranged by Ballard Community Services or its partners include interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, proper workplace communication, cultural awareness, and computer lab job search. The goal is to get the person into a job so they can sustain the payment of their bills on their own in the future.

Many other services can be arranged by Ballard Community Services as well. For more information, the address is 1035 Pennsylvania in Lawrence. Or call (785) 842-0440.



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