Appalachian Power Virginia assistance programs.

Virginia families that receive their energy from Appalachian Power can receive financial assistance from a few different places. The company participates with the non-profit Dollar Energy Fund. Representatives can also refer families to government benefits and assistance such as LIHEAP Fuel and Crisis Assistance or the free weatherization program. These, and other options such as payment plans, can aid customers who can’t pay their utility bills.

The Dollar Energy Fund is a non-profit that operates in Virginia. Customers of all the AEP companies, including Appalachian Power, may benefit from it. Appalachian Power even contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in an effort to help low-income customers pay their energy and heating bills.

When applying for this, the Dollar Energy Fund will often call the program Neighbor-to-Neighbor in Virginia. So ask for that name as well. The non-profit realizes that the electric heating costs that may customers face can be difficult to pay. For those people facing a hardship and that need a hand, help is available from Dollar Energy and Neighbor-to-Neighbor.

Of particular focus is on assisting during the cold winter months. Many customers see their highest energy usage during the winter. Appalachian Power’s generous donation to the Dollar Energy Fund, and its encouragement of customers to apply to it, will help thousands of low-income and working poor families keep safe and warm during that time of the year.

Appalachian Power's Neighbor-to-Neighbor program relies on donations from the public to keep it funded. Please donate if you can. Even just a couple extra dollars a month can help a neighbor in need. Some people who are assisted are senior citizens or the elderly who would be at risk without power or heat. The Neighbor-to-Neighbor program lets customers and businesses donate funds to help pay electric bills for people in Virginia. All funds contributed to the assistance program go directly to help those in need, with all of the administrative costs paid by Appalachian Power.




In order to apply for assistance from the Dollar Energy or Neighbor to Neighbor, the non-profit will consider income levels and also how much funding is available. You can also apply to local agencies in Virginia. To find out what non-profit agency to contact in your town or county, call customer service at 800-956-4237. Customer service representatives can also direct income qualified household to other resources, as indicated below.

Government assistance is offered from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. Applications are accepted at community action agencies. All participating vendors and non-profits for the LIHEAP Fuel and Crisis Assistance will review the application and provide funds for your heating bills. For Appalachian Power customers that are able to enroll, the utility company also agrees to waive charging the State Sales Tax on all fuel deliveries to those households. Qualified lower income households receive the amount that would be paid to Virginia for sales tax in the total amount of fuel delivered.

The LIHEAP Fuel program will provide very low income families with a grant to pay their bill or a credit on their account. The application period starts in October and is often called Fuel Assistance in Virginia. When applying, also inquire into conservation measures from weatherization. Seniors and those with a medical condition can apply first and then other families can apply in other months. Any funds from the federally funded LIHEAP program can help Appalachian Power customers prevent a shut off of their account or money can even be used to restore service.




By Jon McNamara

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