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Lewiston and Androscoggin County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Serving both as a social service ministry, as well as a spiritual church based group, the Androscoggin County Salvation Army provides support to the needy. They work to offer food as well as free hot meals, try to get a roof over a client's head, education support, and maybe even (on occasion) some emergency financial assistance for paying bills. So many programs are run by the Lewiston Maine center.

Many of the activities take place on well defined days. For example, there is a monthly pot luck dinner. There are also weekly worship services open to people of all faiths, religions, and backgrounds. There are also child development programs for girls and boys from the community, and the Salvation Army center in Lewiston will offer badges to graduates.

There is also a food pantry at the Androscoggin County Salvation Army. This will offer a box of groceries that can help feed a family for a few days. It serves as a bridge type scheme to help the client find more stable, long term support. So there may be some items in the box of groceries like pasta and sauce, cereal, canned meats or tuna, bread, inexpensive spices, and the like. Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes can also be offered. In some cases the client can “shop” for what they need at the pantry.

Next, the Salvation Army will assist the family as they find, and apply for, long term support. Maybe their town Trustees in Maine can help here. Or they can seek benefits from SNAP food stamps or some other similar food assistance program. All of these programs are combined with everything from job counseling to educational support.

Children can get help, both from partners as well as directly from the Lewiston Maine Salvation Army.  One option that is open Monday to Friday is the H.A.L.O. Teen Center. It is open for kids under the age of 18. It gives them a place to go for after school care, and it can help the parent by minimizing their after school care bills. Meals, mentoring, rooms to do homework, and other support is coordinated by HALO.

Lewiston Maine Social Services is the name of the financial aid program. It is for a crisis only and also as a last resort. The township Trustee has to have been contacted first. After applying, and showing proof of need, income, and other factors, the church based group may approve a few dollars in a crisis. Or they will offer in-kind items, such as passing out free food.





When possible, the Androscoggin County Salvation Army may assist with the following expenses. All of this depends on the qualifications of the applicant, funding levels, and whether the client has a plan for stability in place. Either loans or grants may help with:

  • Portions of rent to stop an eviction.
  • Heating or utility bills, including gas, electricity, propane, or kerosene. Find additional Maine energy bill assistance programs.
  • Medical needs, including referrals to clinics or medications.
  • Work related expenses to keep, or find a job. Gasoline vouchers, referrals to car repair services are some examples.

There are several other social services arranged by the church. Two of the big ones are focused on ending poverty as well as financial hardship of the general population. This is where the educational programs as well as case management come into play. Social workers meet with the client to go over their hardship, provide advice and mentoring, and otherwise support the client.

Androscoggin County Salvation Army also ramps up assistance programs based on season or disaster. This means during Christmas there will be free toy or meals given to kids or families per Adopt a Family. The staff respond to disaster, such as house-fires or blizzards. They also help during back to school shopping season by giving out clothes and school supplies. These are only a few programs that ramp up on occasion throughout the year.

For more details, the Androscoggin County Salvation Army is at 67 Park Street, Lewiston, Maine 04243. Call the charity at 207-783-0801.



By Jon McNamara











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